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Found 3 results

  1. I have already put in my order for the 12th Edition of RONR, but the full book and the 3rd Edition of the In Brief version. I take it that many others on this site have already pre-ordered their copies?
  2. I have a question with regards to a difference between the 10th and 11th Edtions of RONR. Pages 92-93 of the 10th Edtion, with regards to Executive Session, state: "In most organizations, except those operating under the lodge system, by practicse or sometimes, by rule, membership meetings are open to the public, but board or committee meetings are customarily held in executive session." The emphasis is mine, and my question is this: Does anyone know the rationale why the part about Boards customarily holding meetings in Executive Session was removed in the 11th Edition? Of course if the c
  3. My organization will be making some bylaw amendments due to the clarification around electronic meetings which was provided in the 11th edition of RONR. Question: With each new edition of RONR that is published, is there a grace period/deadline date that is given to organizations to afford them time to bring their governing documents into compliance with the new RONR guidelines? For example, 30 days after the new edition of RONR is published? 90 days? As soon as practicable?
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