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Found 5 results

  1. What to do if the presiding officer has a direct connection in a Removal from Office Trial that will impact his ability to remain neutral?
  2. I need some clarification/assistance in determining who should be voting to remove an officer from her position. Pursuant to the bylaws, the organization with whom I am working elects the board of directors at its annual meeting of members, but at a separate board of directors' meeting, the board of directors elect who will hold which office. The bylaws state that the directors are "elected to serve a term of 2 years or until her successor is elected and qualified." Officers are to hold office "for a term of 1 year or until her successor is elected and qualified." The bylaws are silent to how an officer may be removed. The Bylaws do reference RONR to govern unless they conflict with the articles of incorporation or bylaws. The organization is needing to remove an officer (treasurer) from her position. I do not believe that they wish to remove her from the board of directors; rather, just from the position. Assuming that she does not wish to resign her position and the board must act, and following RONR Section 62, who should be doing the voting: the board of directors or the members of the organization. Thanks for your help!
  3. Recently I discovered that, under our system, I had a disqualification and had to step down as president of our assembly. We are facing turbulent times, with much work to be done regarding contracts and much money in the balance (literally in the neighborhood of fifteen million dollars in the next year). After I stepped down, however, a grievance was filed (confidentiality is assured in our process), by someone or some ones, against our past nominating committee asking that ALL the officers be disqualified from serving further based on my disability under the grounds that all the officers were therefore invalidly elected. The disability, pointedly, was solely mine. The nominating committee refused to defend itself and stipulated that the grievance was correct, our Review Committee (the grievance committee) ruled the officer elections invalid, and the entire leadership was thereby decapitated at one fell swoop. We have no one to take the lead role in our Executive Committee since all other leaders elected under that election could, at a later date, be ruled improperly elected. I cannot get two people to publicly call a meeting. The Executive Committee, being unwilling to meet (I cannot find even two members even willing to call a meeting), everyone is hunkered down or in silos) cannot call new elections or overrule the Review Committee or even call a general meeting. We are in a state of nature at this point, there is no organization (only some committees functioning on their own) and I need to get the process started again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Guest

    Executive meeting

    Can an officer or board member be removed from office in an executive meeting?
  5. The bylaws are not silent on the removal of officers or board members. The provisions are shown below. The question is whether, under Robert, the board has any duty or obligation to provide an officer or a board member any kind of due process other than the right to vote and speak against a resolution judging the officer or board member incompetent or grossly neglectful, thereby removing the member from office. Article IV - Officers SECTION 7: REMOVAL FROM OFFICE Any Officer judged by the Executive Board to be incompetent or grossly neglectful of his/her duties may be removed by a two-third (2/3) vote of the Executive Board Article VI - Board SECTION 3: REMOVAL FROM OFFICE Any Board member judged by the Executive Board to be incompetent or grossly neglectful of his/her duties may be removed by a two-third (2/3) vote of the Executive Board. Any Board member with three (3) unexcused absences from Executive Board meetings shall automatically be removed from the Board
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