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Found 2 results

  1. RONR provides good tools for limiting debate on an actual motion, but what about member questions, comments, even - alas - speeches that often occur during the Reports of Officers? What tools do the chair and assembly have to effectively manage this part of the agenda? Our agenda contains a specified order, but not specified times or durations for each item. Is a 2/3 vote appropriate, for example, to close or limit question and discussion time during the officers' reports? Or is a majority enough? Or can the chair simply put a lid on things unilaterally? (A stage hook has not customarily been available, but sometimes we wish it were!)
  2. A board of directors had a meeting where no quorum was present. One director was excused, but submitted a report. The meeting was held and minutes were published that indicated there was no quorum, but that there was discussion and reports were submitted. The minutes did not include the text of the reports nor anything about their contents. Under Roberts Rules, what can be done now to get those reports available to the membership? Are meeting minutes supposed to include reports?
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