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Found 5 results

  1. Last month in Business Mtg the Secretary read a Resolution adopted by the Bd Of Directors. The president would not allow any discussion or questions in reference to the resolution. Members were not allowed to debate or question the resolution. Was this proper the the President to do and can the membership vote to Rescind the Resolution
  2. Members of an executive board I'm on were considering both resolutions and bylaws amendments to forward to our central committee. The resolutions were forwarded to us by a resolutions committee, except for a late resolution submitted by a member. The bylaws amendments were mostly product of our rules committee, although one was mostly unchanged as submitted by a member. When considering these items, our chair and other board members insisted that a vote was not required on each amendment they wished to make to these typed resolutions and bylaws amendments. After some argument from me about this, they then insisted that the motion to pass the resolutions and bylaws amendments was a combined motion to simultaneously amend them. ("I move to pass the resolution with the following amendments: ...") Is this allowed under Robert's Rules? Must not the resolution or bylaws amendment be amended first, each amendment passing or failing, before voting on the motion as amended after all amendments have been disposed of?
  3. An organization requires all "resolutions" to be given 45 days advanced notice. Amending the bylaws requires 2/3 vote of all present and voting. They want to amend the bylaws striking the requirement for a reserve fund but have not given any notice. Is the amendment a resolution? Can notice be suspended? Is amending the bylaws a more specific form of 'resolution' and as such the requirement for 2/3 vote supersedes the more general notice required for 'resolutions'? TIA
  4. At our annual Convention we have thirty resolutions. Must I read everyone or could I give each voting delegate a copy of the resolutions and say Resolution #3 and take a vote or do IO have to read everyone,
  5. I am a member of an organization that operates with modified Robert’s Rules. Recently 2 very similar organizations merged and adopted new rules. Both bodies and the new one allowed members to submit requests for changes in the rules, operating procedures and official stances on issues for decision at the annual meeting. One of the former organizations called these requests “Petitions.” The other called them “Resolutions.” The merged organization adopted the “Resolution” language. I believe a Petition is a request for action submitted by a qualified individual to the body and a Resolution is what the body decides to do. Is there a real difference between these two words?
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