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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for guidance on a few questions related to special committees and standing committees. First, our bylaws say the president can "appointment all committees otherwise not provided for." There is a standing committee in our bylaws that sends out various cards for graduation, weddings, showers, etc. From what I've read in RONR, a special committee performs a specific task and essentially goes away after completion. I'm a little confused because this sounds like a special committee to me however other members believe this should remain as standing. Can someone advis
  2. RONR states "A special committee may not be appointed to perform a task that falls within the assigned function of an existing standing committee." (492, ll. 6-9). Situation: The by-laws state that The Convention Committee will annually appoint a subcommittee to review the bylaws of the convention (the parent committee is also responsible for securing a venue and the like). The Convention Committee, in addition to the bylaws subcommittee, appoints an ad hoc subcommittee to review the committee structure of the convention specifically, which are enumerated in the by-laws. Question: Co
  3. How should the Chair handle this one? A motion is on the floor and the assembly votes to refer it to a special committee. The bylaws give no instructions how special committees should be selected or organized. I've tried to find the procedure in RONR, but so far haven't found much. Suggestions, anyone?
  4. During a recent club meeting, discussion ensued about the need to update our ByLaws. A committee was appointed by members volunteering via email from our Board president, I was appointed to Chair this committee. Our Board has one particular member who steers Board involvement, decisions, and activities by manipulation. I want to ensure that I can chair this committee through its assignment without interference from outside parties. Am I proposing to communicate a schedule outlining the process by which the committee with manage this task-- Section by Section. I am proposing a "Member Inp
  5. Good day! About 3 years ago, in a general assembly of our organization, the body approved the motion to create a special committee to look at & suggest amendments to the Standing Rules of our General Assembly to be reported in the next annual assembly meeting. A number of people were elected by the body to the special committee. However, a year later, the committee did not report and somehow the organization forgot about the task and the responsibility of the committee. This year, a new set of officers were elected to the Executive Committee and one of the needs they saw would be to upda
  6. Suppose a special committee held all its meetings in executive session and delivered its final report without ever having released any other material from executive session. It is my understanding that since the committee no longer exists, its former members remain bound by the rules regarding meetings held in executive session. Can the board or society that created the committee enable the former committee members to speak freely on information learned while in executive session? In other words, can the board or society in effect open up meetings of its previous special committee with th
  7. RONR p. 496 ll. 12-17 The general membership ordinarily meets annually. Our motion to appoint a special committee allows for the chairman to select the committee members after adjournment. Can the special committee therefore act between meetings? If not, how can this be accomplished? (There is also a provision in our motion that a special meeting of the membership will be called to receive the special committee's report.)
  8. Our member group is preparing a motion for consideration by the membership at its upcoming AGM. The motion is to appoint a special committee of the membership (in effect a bylaw committee) to make recommendations for changes to the bylaws. We have determined, with the advice of legal counsel, that our bylaw gives the membership authority to establish committees. However, as mentioned in my previous posts, only the Board has the authority to amend the bylaw even though the membership must later confirm any changes, failing which they cease to have effect. Only at the time of confirmation, ma
  9. The Board of Directors establishes and appoints a special committee of the general membership which it is empowered to do under the bylaws The special committee completes its report incorporating any recommendations and/or resolutions The Bylaws authorize the Board to act on behalf of the general membership (the non-profit Corporation) Does the special committee: (a) submit its report to the Board (who would receive it on behalf of the general membership) OR ( submit its report directly to a meeting of the general membership? © if (a) does the Board simply pass it on to the general membersh
  10. I have been asked to join a Special Committee scheduled to begin its work very shortly. My concern is that the task the committee is being asked to is not specific enough, AND also may conflict with the assigned function of one or more existing standing committees. The latter question was addressed in an earlier post, but the Board has not accepted my suggested solution to narrow the scope of the committee's mandate in order to resolve the problem. The Committee's stated task is: "to explore all options for future operations" Should I be concerned on either of these points? "
  11. Hello - I am struggling to figure out if our Board of Directors is able to appoint Committees to work on various projects. We are a small Board of 10 who meets monthly. We report to the general membership once a year. We want to appoint committees - both standing and special - who would work on projects and report to the Board. The Board would in turn vote on recommendations, then report to the annual membership, so the Committees don't have actual power. Is this allowed, or do we need to have the general membership vote in the Committees. The bylaws give the President the power to appoi
  12. The president of our organization has asked me to join a special committee to investigate a contentious issue. My concern is that the organization's executive director has also been asked to join even though it is likely his position willl be effected if the committee's recommendations are implemented. Also, the circumstances culmniating in the creation of the special committee have polarized employees within organization as well as its members. This potential conflict would suggest that employees be excluded from direct participation.
  13. Our Board of Directors has established a special committee to perform "a task that falls within the assigned function of an existing standing committee" (RONR p. 492). How can this be remedied to allow the Special Committee to continue its' work? How should the committee have been established in the first place?
  14. Our organization has a Special Committee whose chairperson has started to run amok. She seems to believe that the general membership has granted her committee (particularly its chair) to do whatever it pleases, even if it runs counter to what the general membership and/or the board of directors has dictated. She is even drafting and distributing minutes that contain her version of what happened at the most recent meeting of this particular Special Committee, even though most of it is entirely imaginary (although coincidentally enough, these minutes refelct her own desires exactly). If the b
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