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Found 6 results

  1. My nonprofit’s board approved a motion some time ago that in retrospect should probably have been a special rule. Where should special rules be memorialized? Should they be part of the bylaws?
  2. Once your organization creates a special rules are they permanent? Do they last until they are modified or rescinded? If the Bylaws are changed do the special rules survive the bylaws change? Are standing rules similar? Thanks for any help! Abby
  3. Hello, I am on a committee to review our organizations Bylaws. As we were reviewing our parent organizations recommended text changes, a question was raised regarding the usage and application of Special Rules of Order. Our current Bylaws state: Article X - Parliamentary Authority Section 1. In all matters not specifically covered by the provision of these Constitution and Bylaws, the rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order (Revised) shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable. The proposed Bylaws state: Article X - Parliamentary Authority
  4. My organization only meets twice a year. To accommodate the unique needs of each biannual meeting, the by-laws state that "the Secretary must propose special rules of order for each biannual meeting." Adopting special rules of order normally requires a 2/3 vote and notice. However, since the by-laws require that he or she propose special rules of order, need the Secretary give notice? Additionally, can notice for special rules of order merely summarize the proposed special rules of order, rather than include their exact text?
  5. A follow-on question, picking up on one of the points raised in the reply to http://robertsrules....-be-called-for/ I gather that when a society adopts RONR as its parliamentary authority, within bylaws that contain no other language to govern any deviations therefrom, the RONR provision which allows the adoption of special rules of order extends only to the society, but that this privilege does not extend to the society's Board – despite that meetings of the Board are themselves deliberative assemblies, albeit smaller ones. Is this limitation, in which a Board cannot deviate even from the par
  6. Guest

    Agenda violation

    The agenda starts with a special rules of order item which reorders items on the agenda. For example it moves an item to be dealt with on the next day to be moved immediately following the reading of the special rules of order. This results in many members missing that agenda item. This seems to be a violation of some principle. What is that principle and what is the status of motions addressed in the earlier time?
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