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Found 3 results

  1. A board procedural document was introduced by president to the BOD at its Nov meeting. No motion, but BOD declined to address and the president was advised that the document needed legal review before would be addressed. There was no mention of the document in the December meeting. New BOD took office Jan 1. President who proposed procedures was not returned to office. Secretary has put the procedural document under 'unfinished business' in the draft agenda for January BOD meeting. It would seem that this is a 'fall to the floor' situation??? Would seem that if one of the other BOD membe
  2. If an agenda was established but a quorum was not present does the agenda become "unfinished business" at the next meeting
  3. As a guest at a Board meeting this week, "correspondence" was listed near the end of the agenda. By the time that part of the meeting (finally) rolled around, it was late and they postponed it until the next meeting. It appears, however, that they have been doing so for a couple of months and have yet to get to the correspondence. If it were just thank you letters etc., I'm thinking that would be fine, but a couple of the letters require action by the Board...and they aren't getting to the letters in the course of the meeting. I'm thinking they need to move these letters to "Unfinshed Business
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