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Found 4 results

  1. When composing the minutes, if the Vice Chairman runs the meeting, is he then referred to as the Chairman or the Vice Chairman?
  2. National organization "A" with a constitution. Subordinate local "B" of the national organization with bylaws subordinate to A's constitution. Subordinate chapter "C" of the local organization with bylaws subordinate to B's bylaws. All members of C are members of B, not all members of B are members of C. Both A's constitution and B's bylaws provide for a member of C to be elected by C's members to sit on the executive board of B (with voice and vote). Until recently, C elected it's own executive board (chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, Sgt@arms) and a seperate member-at-large (the member of B's executive board). C recently changed their bylaws to have "The elected chairman of [C] serve as a member-at-large of [b's] executive board with voice and vote in accordance with [A's] constitution. The term to run with and by virtue of holding said office." C's bylaws further state that "The vice chairman shall assist the chariman and assume the duties of the chairman in his absence." C also has the provision that if the chairman office is vacant, the vice chairman becomes chairman and an election will be held to fill the vacant vice chairman seat. During one of B's recent executive board meetings, C sent their vice chairman to attend, as the chairman was unable to attend due to a schedule conflict (the executive board meeting was rescheduled). The question is: Does the vice chairman, by virtue of his assuming the duties of the chairman in his absence, have voice and vote within B's executive board, or, because it is only "by virtue of holding said office" that the chairman has voice and vote, does the vice chairman not have that right? A has already weighed in with the opinion that nothing in B's or C's bylaws is in violation of A's constitution. A has also pointed out that interpreting B's and C's bylaws is not their department, and presumably wished us good luck with that. Both bylaws and the constitution stipulate RONR as the parliamentary authority.
  3. Can an individual nominate himself/herself for consideration as a "Presiding Officer" i.e. "Chair", "Vice Chair", "Secretary", etc.?
  4. Guest

    Vice Chairman voting

    This may sound weird but on a board that I am on the by-laws state that the secretary and the treasure do not have voting privileges which is OK, maybe, but now some of the senior members are saying that the Vice Chairman doesn't either even though it is not stated in the by-laws. Doesn't the Vice Chairman always have the right to vote?
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