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Found 6 results

  1. I am in a Political Simulator Game and we simulate, among other things, the US House of Representatives. To make a long story short the House has 16 seats, however a member who was also the Speaker of the House resigned as both Speaker and member of the House of Representatives. Therefore we have begun the process of electing a new Speaker. My problem is since during the time this vote is being held we currently only have 15/16 seats filled with a member who has been duly elected and sworn in. The Rules for the House as we have written them includes the following statement on the election
  2. Can a member vote on a matter only by listening to a recording or reading a transcript of a meeting, member did not attend the meeting.
  3. I see i nthe FAQ's that the president is a voting member. Our club has a board of directors, and the COB runs the board meetings. It has always been our understanding that the Chair is not considered a voting member and does not count toward the qurom, but could vote in the case of a tie. We have a nine member board counting the COB. We have always had five (not counting COB) as our quorom, nad as i said the COB does not vote except to break a tie. can the COB vote? does the COB count toward a Quorom? we have no rule in our by-laws, but they do state that were there is no By-law Robert's rule
  4. Hello again all, I am becoming more active in my local farmer’s market and am just getting introduced to RONR. In studying our association’s bylaws and the proposed amendments heading up to our annual general meeting I find myself getting more confused and hope you can help. Here are a few of the points I am having trouble understanding. Our bylaws explicitly state notice of our general meeting must be given by regular mail. One of the amendments proposed on the agenda is to insert the words ‘or email’. The call to the meeting was made by email and not my regular mail. There is anot
  5. My agency is going to chair a multi-agency committee, with each agency having one vote. Can my organization have a separate voting member, with the Chair only voting to break a tie?
  6. Under what circumstances is the President a voting member? Our non-profit organization is member driven. There is no 'board' but there are officers who run the meetings, etc. Can the President vote in this instance?
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