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Found 270 results

  1. I am a new board member of a Wood turning group in St. Louis. Article 14 of our by-laws says we must conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules. Our treasurer sent an eMail suggesting that we purchase Zoom professional on a monthly basis for "virtual" meetings (both board and general membership). None of the other board members + the one non board member that the eMail was sent to responded to the eMail. Does this lack of response constitute board approval? When I objected to the eMail and assumption of approval I was verbally attacked.
  2. depending on how long quarantine for certain areas will last, what is the procedure of holding elections, making motions and votes when a large body cannot gather? if we have an organization (60+ members) where the first order of business in April is the Annual Meeting (elections, rule votes, etc,) and are currently not allowed to congregate, what process should be followed? thank you!!
  3. We have a relatively small civic association 501(c)4 and are having upcoming elections for board positions. One member is soliciting new memberships and asking that the new members vote via write-in for him. He is even supplying them with ballots that he created. We have nothing in our bylaws, other than the indication that members in good standing are eligible to vote, but we have a history of denying voting rights to those who come to the election meeting and fill out a member application and pay the annual dues. In other words, we have previously not allowed a brand new member to vote. Help
  4. Guest

    Ballot Voting

    I have a question about illegal ballots. Recently, our church voted on deacons. We had 3 needing to be replaced because their term limit was up. Voting was done on paper ballots with 5 names listed on the ballot. The ballot stated "Please vote by circling the three (3) men you wish to vote for." The three with the most votes were elected. There was 1 ballot that was blank. It was thrown out. Another had all 5 circled. It was thrown out. We had several ballots that had only 2 circled or 1 circled. That's where my question is centered and where I have been searching for an answer with no luck. Should those ballots be counted as illegal and not counted at all or is that a privilege of the voter to vote for only who he wants to vote for? In my opinion, especially in the case of deacons, if you only think two of the candidates are qualified to serve in that capacity, you shouldn't have to vote for 3, but your votes for the other 2 should be counted. Others in our church say that throws off the election and gives a candidate an advantage and if they don't vote for the 3 as requested, their ballot should be thrown out. Our current Bylaws do not state anything about this. As we are currently working to revise our Bylaws, I need a ruling on this, and the reason to back it up. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. A woman who sits on a commission is asked by city manager to recuse herself from voting on a motion that involves another commissioner, whom she dates. She was not given a reason. There would be no financial gain for her as a result of the outcome of the vote. She refused to recuse herself and, in fact, voted no on the motion. (It passed 4 to 1) Was the request in line with RONR?
  6. My question is when Interim candidates are put in place, such an interim Treasurer or secretary due to abrupt resignations, are they considered voting members on the Executive committee? Any help you might provide here would be very much appreciated! Alan
  7. I would like to know if the president has the ability to make a financial expenditure without a vote/approval of the board if it it is not outlined in the policy and procedures of the organization?
  8. An Agenda was approved at the beginning of the meeting and the topic brought up at the end for a vote was not on the agenda. Is the vote valid?
  9. My organization has subordinate chapters with a yearly convention of voting delegates. Voting delegates are defined as current or past presidents in good standing. This year, the governing board has passed along a 40+page listing of proposed amendments to our by-laws. At the regular subordinate chapter meeting, am I required to read every single by-law and amendment for the membership? Traditionally, this has been done but most years, the list of proposals is very short. I suspect that reading and discussion of each of the proposed changes could potentially take several hours. Someone suggested that as the current president, I am the voting delegate and should already be entrusted by the electing body to vote in the best interest of our chapter. Can I forgo reading of all of these pages of proposals? If so, what language is used for the minutes? Do I need someone to make a motion?
  10. Is a member of a Board committee eligible to vote on a motion to approve committee meeting minutes for a mtg at which the member was not present? Is a former member of a Board comm. eligible to vote on minutes of a mtg they attended while on the comm?
  11. Is a member who arrives late to a meeting, and didn't hear most or all of the debate on a particular motion, entitled to vote on that motion? Can he do so at any time before the result is announced? The latecoming member is otherwise fully entitled to vote, and there is nothing in the bylaws or standing rules that addresses this situation.
  12. Our bylaws state, “Voting by proxy and/or absentee ballot is prohibited.” And— “ARTICLE XV: AMENDMENTS These PTA bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (%) vote of the members present and voting, a quorum having been met, at any general membership meeting, provided that these requirements have been complied with” Can the executive board and membership vote on bylaws amendments via email?
  13. We just changed Officers for our Booster Club. The Booster Club is currently not a non-profit. We want it to be. Does this election need to be a member vote? Or is the decision to gain non-profit status made by the Officers?
  14. Guest

    Anonymous Voting

    Is anonymous voting allowed during elections? I ask because the Board of Directors put out an initative after the announcement after the Commitee Advisor and the Chairwoman of the elections committee put out the closing dates for nominees and whom would receive the nominations, which are the two stated above, as all national leadership positions to include the BOD were to be voted for this year at the last National Leadership meeting in November 2017. The BOD initative now states that the BOD positions are not to be voted on, an extension was given on the timeframe of which ballots were to be turned in, and anyone who wanted to vote anonymously could turn in their votes to the national secretary. As we use RONR for voting procedures, can you direct me on where I may find that information?
  15. re posting because an earlier version was not clear. apologies. We are a small organization, with some 90 active members, who have the right to vote. [Affiliate members may not vote] Sometimes the Bylaws are clear and specific: We need a "majority of Active members present and voting". Other Bylaw says "a majority of active members". How do we take this? A majority of all the 90 eligible voters, or a majority of the Actives who participated in the voting? Thank you, Yoram
  16. iN THE MATTER OF PUNISHING A MEMBER, The Bylaws say vote by ballot: ..."arbitrator’s ruling of the facts of the matter and recommendation of punishment, if any, shall be submitted to the general membership for approval, at the next GMM, before the proposed punishment can become final. At the GMM, held in an executive session, [that safeguards the privacy of the accused and the Association] a simple majority of Active members present and voting by ballot is needed to affirm..." [Emphasis added] The GMM voted NOT by ballot, but by show of hands. Is that OK? Does the punishment stand? Or is it invalid? Thank you Yoram
  17. Here's a little something to give you nightmares over the next few months... https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2018/04/securing_electi_1.html Sleep well. (At least RONR requires paper ballots on page 424ff.)
  19. Guest

    Elections and Voting

    So we have presentations during elections of officers. Is there anything in Robert's Rules that states that a member cannot vote is they are not there for one or more of the presentations? If three people are running for president, and a member is in the restroom for the first candidate's presentation. Can they come back in, watch the other two, and then vote?
  20. At our board meeting, we had 2 fundraising proposals come up. The first was presented - discussed - a motion made and seconded - discussion - voted upon. It was voted to be tabled until the next meeting because members were confused by the proposal and wanted to see paperwork on it. The second proposal went through the same process as the first (presented - discussed - a motion made and seconded - discussion - voted upon), but this time we had a role call vote. The vote was 5 for and 3 against, no one abstained. Today one of the members who had voted against it claims that we have broken the protocol we set by voting to table the first proposal and now have a conflict because the second. which also lacked paperwork, was accepted. I am a non-voting member of the board, and while I was disappointed they had voted for the second proposal, I do not feel the vote on the first proposal set a precedent for the second. The person who has brought up this issue now claims that we are liable because we tabled one and not the other. He is calling for another meeting to rescind the second vote and strike it from the minutes. This doesn't seem right to me, but I am not an expert on this. I would appreciate your input.
  21. I am a member of a newer board (operating less than three years) We want to make sure that we are conducting business properly. I have to questions: 1.) If a committee is planning an event, do they compile a working document (preliminary proposal and preliminary budget) and get board approval to continue working on that event under the scope of that? Or/ does each item the committee is working on need to be brought before the board individually for a vote? (ex: event theme, decorations, food/beverages) With a preliminary budget in place can the committee make choices and purchases within the spending approved in the preliminary budget, knowing that the budget can be amended by board vote? 2.) If a motion was made and seconded, but there is conflict with how the motion was written by two of the board members, can the motion be withdrawn (if it has already been seconded and gone into discussion) or can it be amended to read differently before going for a vote and if so how would that be presented? 3.) If there is a person who serves on different committees, can the work of one committee continue even though one of the members of that committee is busy doing other work on other committees? Can a committee make decisions without that committee member if they do not make themselves available due to those other commitments? This is the motion that was presented to the board: Motion: I make a motion to accept the Preliminary Fall Conference proposal and for the committee to move ahead with planning and marketing the fall conference, within the confines of the proposal and approved budget. All decisions moving forward can be made at the discretion of the training committee; knowing that committee members are accountable to the association membership and it's board of directors and will therefore update the board monthly, or more frequently if requested, on the progress of the conference. Any changes to the budget, will need to be brought to the board for discussion and approval.
  22. Guest

    voting procedures

    when the board of directors votes on a decision to discipline a member, can the membership over rule that decision ?
  23. The board was voting on a motion. Afterwards, the chairman realized one of the board members did not raise his hand in favor or against the motion, nor did the member declare he was abstaining from voting. In a subsequent email to the board, the chairman asked the member in question to make clear what his vote was. This....doesn't seem ok. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  24. A vote occurred in our community that resulted in a clear majority deciding to remove an amenity. Instead of fulfilling the will of the people, the Board sent out another vote to re-vote the issue. Is there something in RR that discusses fulfilling a voted requirement before another can be offered? It seems there is no end to this 'we'll just keep voting' mindset.
  25. Guest


    I belong to a membership organization that uses a nominating committee as part of its leadership election process. The bylaws require a ballot vote. This year we have independent candidates in addition to the nominated candidates. The bylaws state: “Except as otherwise provided by statute or these Bylaws, two-thirds (2/3) of affirmative votes cast by the members entitled to vote, if a quorum is present at such time, shall be the act of the membership of the League”. In the event that no candidate receives 2/3 vote do we re ballot until a candidate receives the required number of votes? The bylaws allow for absentee ballots to be submitted 24 hours prior to the voting meeting. Thank you for your advice.
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