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Found 26 results

  1. Guest


    Six members of the board were voting on wither or not to approve the minutes. Three said yes and three said no however two of the members that said no where not on the board when the meeting or minutes where done. They were swear in the day of the vote. Is the vote a lost? what does this mean?
  2. I would like to know if its legal for a duel member SAL and ALR who holds a president or commander in one org. to hold another office in the other org. ?
  3. Guest

    Bylaw amendments

    If proposed bylaw amendments have been voted on and adopted by members can new proposed amendments be immediately submitted for the same bylaws?
  4. Guest


    Our bylaws state that there are four officers: chair, chair-elect, secretary and treasurer. We do not deal with any money, no dues are collected, nothing. Does robert's rules of order require that a treasurer be one of the officers? Is it proper, in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, to not have an individual assigned as a treasurer in this case?
  5. Guest

    By laws

    When by lays are read on the floor by the committe can amendments be made by members?
  6. Guest

    Minutes of the meeting

    I am just wondering if the minutes of a regular Board meeting for a non-profit organization are private to only board members, or are available upon request to non board members of the organization? Thank you
  7. Hi, In our constitution it states that "Standing Committees must elect a chair at their first meeting within one week of the AGM" I was elected onto one of our standing committees and we held our first meeting 5 days after the AGM. There can be up to 5 members on this standing committee, but only 4 were nominated and elected unopposed. We had 3 of the 4 at the first meeting so we had a quorum. The former Chairperson conducted the meeting to carry out the election of office bearers, and then nominated one of the 3 members for the position of Chairperson, who accepted his nomination, and I nominated myself for Chairperson. We are supposed to have a secret ballot, but it seemed a little pointless, as whoever won, we would know who the 3rd member voted for. She then decided to abstain from voting, so it was a Mexican stand off. Our constitution states that in the event that a Chairperson cannot be decided, the member with the longest term of voting membership of our club would then be elected Chairperson. The 3rd member of our committee had the dates that the 2 nominees had joined the club, and it was noted that I had been a member for 18 months longer than the other nominee, so I was duly elected as the new Chairperson, and proceeded to conduct the meeting according to the Agenda. Everything seemed in order, until several days later that the other nominee went to the administration office, and got the actual dates that we had both joined the club. He discovered that when I originally joined I was only an Associate Member for the first 2 years, and not a Senior member with voting rights, so he is claiming that he should be appointed the rightful Chairperson, as a mistake had been made at the meeting. I agree that the constitution states this, and agree with that decision. However, my question is this, as the former chairperson nominated the other nominee, I don't believe that he had the right to do this, as he was no longer a member of the committee, so I would then be the only official nominee, and it should be decided that I was then elected unopposed? Do you agree with my line of thought? Thanks Steve Kennedy
  8. I would like to know if it is required to state in the meeting minutes, who voted no and abstained from a vote.
  9. Guest


    does a brown vote on a negative motion pass the question in the affirmative
  10. Guest


    does a brown vote on a negative motion pass the question in the affirmative
  11. Guest

    Explusion of a member

    The need to expell a member in our 50 year old voluntary service club is imminent for posting in open social media facebook and his blogs, remarks highly injurious to the good name of our club and for making derogatory remarks on our club officers, accusing them publicly of manipulating and falsifying the club's minutes when he did not even attend the meeting and for refusing to remove and stop all his offending writings or to part ways amicably. Such conduct, umdoubtedly, render him unworthy of membership. Whilst our Club's Constitution & By Laws provide for explusion at a members meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of members present and voting, it is silent on the number of members required for the requisition and the number of days notice for the meeting. Our CBL also provides for proceedings to be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order but I am unable to find the answers in RONR, hence I am writing to seek help and advice. The logical thing to do is to amend our CBL but this takes time and there is an urgency to stop him from causing more damage. (He is writing almost every day and even fabricating things) Also, a special committee of 4 past presidents was tasked to interview him and come out with its findings and make the appropriate recommendation to our Board of Directors for action. Unfortunately the committee took it upon themselves to make peace between him and the president while he still continues with his offensive blogs and facebook on other members and on the club. Would all those public postings be sufficient to conclude his unworthiness of membership and no further due process is required? Thanks for any advice.
  12. Can a director or secretary be reinstated to their positions if they resigned because of false accusations by the chairman of the board?
  13. Guest

    Withdrawing a motion

    A motion is on the table, it is discussed and the chairman has called for a vote. The motion was voted on, but before the chairman said "motion carried", one of the members starts a discussion. Can the motion be withdrawn at that time.
  14. Guest

    Denying a vote

    What are the rules that govern "voting". We have constitutional rights to vote in local and general elections/w appropriate amendments. But what laws ensure the right to vote on a legimate governing board.
  15. Guest

    Past President

    To remove an officer for neglect of duty is it necessary to have both an investigating committee and a trial committee?
  16. Our President recently resigned. In his resignation letter he stipulated that the current Treasurer would become the President and the current Secretary would become the Treasurer while remaining the Secretary. Our Bylaws do not stipulate if an officer can hold more than one position. I couldn't find it in Robert's Rules either. Is this acceptable? Also, can the resigning President stipulate that the Treasurer becomes the President if we have a Vice-President in place?
  17. Our Bylaws state that all elected Board Members serve for one year and both the Vice President and Assistant Treasurer are successor positions ~ becoming the President and Treasurer the year after their election. The Vice President wants to change the Bylaws to allow Board Members to serve for two years; therefore, she would be President in 2017 and 2018. The question is ~ "Will the Bylaws change affect the present Vice President and Assistant Treasurer who were elected for a one year term or will the change only affect the Board Members elected in 2016?"
  18. Guest

    Nominations for Office

    can someone nominate themselves for an office?
  19. Guest


    We vote our members in requiring 2/3rds of majority. My question is if we vote a member in at the meeting were we our also voting on officers and board, if that member is voted in first is he or she eligible to vote for officers and board?
  20. Our bylaws have term limits for elected officers. Ann served two one year terms (2014 and 2015) and could not run again. Sue was elected to serve to serve 2016 and is submitting her resignation. Can the president appoint Ann to complete Sue's term?
  21. Guest


    If the nominating committee nominates you for one position, but you are nominated from the floor for another position you prefer can you then decline the one position and accept the one you want?
  22. Laws of the org dictate that when two officers run against each other a secret ballot shall take place. The Chair appoints two counters to count the vote. Upon completion the Chair asks the counters to deliver to him the winning name. Here is where the question lies, doe the Membership attending the vote have the right to know what the vote count was? In my estimation its secret, and we need not hurt anyone feelings. whay is your opinion or ruling, thanks
  23. Guest


    If someone resigns from officer or board position is a letter of resignation needed or would an email suffice. There is nothing in our bylaws that states a letter is required but an email of resignation was sent.
  24. Guest


    If your original nominating committee nominates members for officers and board, then members nominated decline position and then your committee chairman drops out how would you proceed ? Would you appoint another nominating chairman for committee to nominate new members for board positions that had been declined or would you just take nominations from floor.
  25. Guest

    abstention vote

    Is an abstention from a vote considered the same as a "no" vote?
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