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Found 1 result

  1. In our organizations, that consists of about 12 members, we have by laws that are not too specific. In October, we took nominations from our floor of those interested in board positions; without having our nominating committee appointed in September. The President took the roll on as "chair" for this situation, but was never stated in our meeting she was chair. We had one member decline President but offered herself as Vice President and was also nominated for Treasurer. At the November meeting, the nominated individual was not present at this meeting to rescind her name from either list or to accept the nomination again. The quorum of members went into a discussion regarding if she defintiely wanted any of these positions or not. Afraid that she may not want them, the membership took a vote to see if we should keep them on the ballot. The decision was denied so the floor was reopened for nominations. Did our organization handle this situation the correct way according to Robert's Rules? Should they have been left on as a nominee, or is the voting nulled and void? To throw another loop in the situtation; It states in our by laws "if only one name is submitteed by commitee [which we didn't have] for an office and there are no nominations from the floor for that office, the Secretary may cast a ballot." Does this mean that the Secretary has to cast a unanimous ballot in order for the nominee to be elected for the position? At the November election meeting, the Secretary did not cast a unanimous ballot and it was assumed by all members present that they automatically were elected at their positions. Are we correct or are the elections null and void also for this reason?
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