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Found 4 results

  1. I am the staff assistant for the Board of Directors. I prepare the minutes for each meeting and the secretary normally signs. If the secretary is absent from a meeting, who then would sign the minutes for that meeting? Is he still permitted to do so? If not, how is the signer determined? From my online research I've determined that he may not be permitted to sign the minutes and the Board would choose another officer to sign in his place. If this is true I need to be able to explain this and show where this is stated in writing. I believe I have my answer, I just need to be able to p
  2. Our Student Bar Association Parliamentarian is absent due to family emergency. Do we temporarily appoint someone from our Council or do we temporarily appoint a third party? Are we able to operate without one?
  3. In consideration of a small board. If there were present at an open meeting 3 out of 5 BOD, after which an executive session was held where 2 of the 5 BOD were included via telephone, and they discussed thoroughly a topic on which there was to be a vote later in an open meeting..In the open meeting a vote was taken on a motion; 2 of the 3 voted yea, 1 abstain. In announcing that the motion did pass, the chair also announced the votes of the absent members of the BOD as an FYI. Does the vote still pass in that 2/3 of those present voted yea? Or does the vote need to be taken again since the cha
  4. When electing a committee, can a member who is not present at the meeting of elections be nominated and elected or do they have to be there to accept the nomination. If they can be elected without being present, could you tell me where specifically I can find where it says that? If they can't can you still tell me where it says that? Thank You.
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