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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, My colleague and I are running into an issue with our university student union upholding their written policies, and I am hoping to get some advice or clarification. Please note that I am not part of the executive committee; I have been pushing for the ratification of a resource centre for students on campus. The chair has displayed very evident bias against ratification of this resource centre, including withholding information that was pertinent to the situation and allowing a call to vote without obtaining 2/3rds majority in favour of ending the discussion, resulting in some executives abstaining due to lack of information. We (colleague and I) proposed the motion of ratifying our resource centre. The voting went as follows: In favor: 9 Against: 2 Abstentions: 3 It was announced that our motion did not pass. When we inquired about the outcome and were told that we did not follow proper procedures during the process of becoming ratified. This was false, and was only brought up during the board debate/vote when my colleague and I did no longer had speaking rights to defend ourselves. Under the regulations of the student union, this vote required a 2/3rds majority to pass. Abstentions were counted as votes against the motion. University regulations state that General Robert's Rules of Order are upheld unless stated otherwise in the constitution/bylaws, however there is nothing within these policies that contradicts Robert's Rules. It is important to note that a voting member requested clarification on the voting procedure immediately before votes were cast, but the chair dismissed their question and provided no clarification on how votes were being cast (this took place over Zoom, votes were cast by raising of hands). It is also important to note that one of the individuals who abstained from voting was not made aware that her vote would be counted against the motion. She had abstained due to lack of information, and has since stated that if she knew her abstention would be counted against the motion, she would've voted in favour. We brought this to the attention of the board, and we have only received pushback. We requested confirmation of their regulations stating that abstentions do count towards the voting totals, but they were unable to provide us with any written policies. We were told that the union used this voting system "historically", which is why it was upheld regardless of written regulations. The manager has claimed that many organizations have a grey area within their written policies, and that historical precedence holds value. Since this, the chair has proposed a motion to table all new resource centres indefinitely. This motion has not been passed yet. We have been trying to receive clarification on our situation prior to this new motion passing, but the board has continuously delayed or ignored our requests. From my understanding, several policies have been ignored throughout this process. I recognize that I am not an expert, nor do I have any experience in this field aside from this experience, so I am seeking advice on how to move forward with this situation. Ratification of the resource centre is important, but not my priority at this point. I would like to ensure that this board is held accountable to the same standards that they hold students (like myself) to follow proper policy when going through these processes. If further details are required to help assess this situation, please let me know.
  2. Our bylaws read "Fifty one percent (51%) of the Board of Directors shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise specified, a majority vote of the Quorum present shall determine the outcome of issues brought before the Board of Directors." We have 22 Board of Directors. 18 were present for the meeting so it met the 51% to have a quorum. The vote was 9 - Yes 5 - No 4 - Abstain Did the vote pass or not & please state why? Also, any reference in RR which support your answer. Thanks!
  3. I'm a member of a Board the bylaws of which provide that the Chair does not vote except to make or break a tie. Our bylaws also require that a reason be noted in the minutes for all abstentions. Two questions: 1.
  4. Our town council is made of 5 members and 1 chair (which only votes on ties). During our last meeting one member was absent resulting in four members and the chair being present. We had a motion that was seconded and debated. During debate one member stated they would abstain due to possible conflict but was angry because he felt the action would result in action not agreeing with his position. Debate continued for almost an hour - A member called to question because several other items remained on agenda The call to question was seconded and sent to vote the member which stated he would abstain from the main motion voted on the subsidiary call to question which resulted in a 2-2 tie and chair voted no - resulting 3-2 majority vote.and discussion continued. After further discussion the "abstaining member" motioned to table the main motion until next meeting, when the absent member would be present to vote and ensure the vote would go in favor of abstaining member's position. The motion to table until next meeting was seconded and resulted in a 2-2 vote of members and chair voted yes - resulting 3-2 majority vote to table. I have a couple questions First - can an "abstaining member" make a SUBSIDIARY MOTION or vote on a SUBSIDIARY MOTION If either of these are not "Proper", how do you correct if at the following meeting all members are present.
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