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Found 6 results

  1. Can a member of a Board who abstained in the original vote, subsequently "move a reconsideration" vote? It was mentioned in my previous post that this type of action was not allowable, but where can I find this ruling in Robert's Rules of Order? We have a Board meeting tonight and I need to find this asap!!!!.....Thanks.
  2. Guest

    Abstention Votes

    SO my question is what happens if the entire committee decides to abstain. Meaning that there were not votes for or against the motion and only abstentions. For instance, if there is a motion and the vote count is zero ayes zero nays but 4 abstentions, does the motion pass or fail?
  3. FAQ # 6 says: "On the other hand, if the vote required is a majority or two thirds of the members present, or a majority or two thirds of the entire membership, an abstention will have the same effect as a “no” vote." My question is, does the effect of an abstention change if the by-law says "a majority of the members present and voting" vs. just "present"? Thanks in advance.
  4. Guest


    Newly elected School Board member. I am being asked to vote on a raise for the Superintendent. I was not part of the evaluation process that led to this raise. I believe abstaining from the vote is the proper thing to do. What does Roberts Rule say regarding this?
  5. I'm a member of a Board the bylaws of which provide that the Chair does not vote except to make or break a tie. Our bylaws also require that a reason be noted in the minutes for all abstentions. Two questions: 1.
  6. Hello: In a situation where a concurring vote of three out of five board members is required, and there are three abstentions, the motion clearly cannot pass. But is it deemed a valid vote or valid denial? I realize it is impossible for the motion to pass, but not necessarily based on "no" votes (especially if 2-2 vote yes). I'm wondering if there is a term-of-art for it. From RONR that the abstentions in a majority of the membership situation have the "effect" of a no, but are not necessarily votes. So if this decision is ultimately appealed, it seems incorrect to call it a true denial. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated.
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