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Found 3 results

  1. We have a situation that because of conflict of interest the majority have abstained from voting. In a simple majority vote defined by the by-laws, what is the outcome?
  2. Amending the bylaws of our condominium association requires a 3/4 vote in favour. If some members abstain, does this mean that only 3/4 of those who do vote can pass a bylaw?
  3. The bylaws state: "Any decision by any board or committee made without a meeting must be unanimous." This was adopted to discourage executive board decisions by email. A vote was requested of the board by email from the president. The results were 16 Yes and 4 Abstentions. Those abstaining included the president and the maker of the motion. The president may be thinking that he votes only to break a tie. It is unclear whether or not the attentions were the result of the board member choosing not to vote or not reading the email requesting the vote. (I don't like voting by email for obv
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