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Found 5 results

  1. I encountered a recent situation which totally scrambled my understanding of "acclamation." A slate of candidates had been selected by the chair (and possibly a small committee) for inclusion as voting members of a governing body. Other member of that body were notified of these candidates and their credentials ahead of time, but when the time came to discuss their appointment/election, the chair moved to suspend the rules to adopt the slate "by acclamation," which was clearly against the will of a dozen or so members of that organization. One such member was given the floor to ask a proced
  2. How should the chair respond to this situation? The chair has announced that the floor is open for nominations. Before anyone makes any nominations, a member says, “I move we elect Mr. Jones by acclamation.” This has always seemed to me to be a polite railroad job.
  3. 1. Our organization has a two-step election procedure. In the first step the 7 members of the Board are elected. In the second step the four officers (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) are elected from among the 7 Board members. All of these 4 have signing authority. The ByLaws require secret ballot for the second step. Our ByLaw does not state that affairs are to be conducted according to RO. At the March 2015 AGM the Board was elected according to the ByLaws. Then, the Treasurer was elected by secret ballot from 2 candidates. The remaining 3 positions only had one candidate each. These we
  4. Our club's election by-law originally read, "If there are more candidates for director than there are positions, the election of directors shall be by secret ballot." It's been years since we have had more candidates than available board positions, and so candidates have been routinely elected by acclamation. In 2011, our club amended this by-law to read, "The election of directors shall be by secret ballot" (the first 11 words were eliminated). Despite this amendment, candidates continued to be elected by acclamation in 2012 and 2013 (no balloting took place). This doesn't seem right to me. C
  5. I was recently elected president (actually another title equivalent to president) of an organization, which is a local affiliate of a much larger fraternal service organization. Our officer elections for the coming year consist of presenting a “slate” of nominees prepared by the nominating committee, with the opportunity for nominations from the floor. Usually there are no additional nominations, and someone moves to “close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot.” I reviewed our bylaws (which date to 1987) and found that balloting is required for all elections, without exception, so it
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