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  1. Dfredc

    Executive session

    Last night I had a very surprising occurrence happen. I walked in to observe the board meeting of our local County political party (as I have frequently done this year) and as I was about to sit down when the chairman approached me and informed me that I had been trespassed from the office and he asked me to leave. This was a complete blindside to me. I asked why, and he said that because I had been involved in a disturbance that happened at a previous board meeting. He stated that the board had voted on it. I asked the board members present if that were true and one responded in the affirmative, the others remained silent. Now, in explanation of the "disturbance", unknown to me a local party member and the former Treasurer of the board had called the Sheriff's office to file a formal complaint against the Chairman for electronic forgery. The police had gathered outside and were talking to these two. A board member asked to go into executive session and thus cleared the room of all observers (there were about 10 of us). We waited outside while the police did their thing and no arrest was made, only a complaint filed. We (the observers) had waited around expecting to be let back in when they ended executive session. We were informed that they were going to stay in session for the rest of the meeting so we all went home - no big deal. I thought. I missed the next two monthly board meeting because of illness and when I showed up last night the above happened. I left and went home. Caused no disturbance other than my bewildered questions. Later that evening a board member called me and told me some of what happened. Evidently, during an executive board meeting (the board member was not clear whether it was the night in question or at one of the other meetings) the chairman asked that I and 5 other people be trespassed from the office. Of the members present 3 voted against the measure but the majority were in favor. I was then told that the chairman took it upon himself to send a letter to each of us informing us of the action. That never happened (I was made aware of 3 of the people and KNOW they were not notified like I was not). I have been a vocal opponent of this chairman in public forums, but that is where it has remained. In person, there have been no verbal or physical altercations whatsoever. I just happened to be at a meeting where something happened that the chairman did not like. My question (setting aside that I now know information that happened in an x-session, that I really shouldn't know, because well, it happened in x-session) 1) Do the minutes of the board need to show what action was taken and voted on in executive session? 2) When an action is taken against particular people (as in this case) is there a requirement that they are notified of such action? I mean other than it is a common courtesy? I suppose I am most upset because I feel like I was blindsided and am being "punished" for something I had no involvement with and was given no opportunity before the board to defend myself. At the very least I think I am entitled to see the exact motion, and all that it says so that I am aware of my "boundaries".