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Found 3 results

  1. A motion to alter the fixed hour of adjournment is classified as a main motion. A main motion can only be moved when no other motion is pending. What if the assembly wishes to alter the fixed hour of adjournment WHILE A MAIN MOTION IS PENDING? What the proper procedure for the following scenario? • An agenda has been adopted. The hour of adjournment is five o'clock. • At 4:59 p.m., the assembly is engaged in the midst of a resolution. • At 5:00 p.m., the chair's timing device rings, and the chair announces that time has expired on this agenda item. • The chair, sensing that the assembly wishes to dispose of the pending agenda item by voting on it, does not immediately adjourn the meeting, but instead awaits an appropriate motion. Q. If the assembly wishes to prevent adjournment at five o'clock for the purposes of completing this last agendized item, say, to allow maybe five more minutes, then what is the most proper parliamentary action? (e.g,. Amend Something Previously Adopted? Suspend the Rules? Extend the Limits of Debate?)
  2. What governs the reconvening of an adjourned special meeting when no specific date or time was set at the adjournment only the President's statement she would give a full ten day notice? Can the President in the absence of a motion to adjourn or motion to fix time to adjourn, exercise a perogative to reconvene with under 48 hour notice? Is she excused from providing the normal notice time of ten days for non-emergency? If notice is given which does not allow all members the chance to attend or some members receive notice after the meeting has taken place, is it an illegal meeting?
  3. Guest

    ending a meeting

    At a recent board meeting we recessed to move to another location (part of a bigger meeting). Once we arrived the board came back into session. During a presentation two board members had to leave which left the board without a quorum. The board took no action during this protion of the meeting. At the end of the meeting we were not sure how to handle closure. Should the board adjourn or was the board already ajourned because it no longer had a quorum? Thank you for your assistance.
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