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Found 6 results

  1. If a meeting is started with a quorum and at some point the quorum is lost, is the meeting automatically adjourned? Or does the normal rules still govern requiring a motion to adjourn, a second and a majority affirmative vote?
  2. Guest

    Power of adjournment.

    At our recent convention, delegates approved changes to the constitution, elected officers and then adjourned. Later, someone suggested that because the changes were not presented as a committee report and the report not adopted, the changes are invalid. Thoughts anyone?
  3. A motion to alter the fixed hour of adjournment is classified as a main motion. A main motion can only be moved when no other motion is pending. What if the assembly wishes to alter the fixed hour of adjournment WHILE A MAIN MOTION IS PENDING? What the proper procedure for the following scenario? • An agenda has been adopted. The hour of adjournment is five o'clock. • At 4:59 p.m., the assembly is engaged in the midst of a resolution. • At 5:00 p.m., the chair's timing device rings, and the chair announces that time has expired on this agenda item. • The chair, sensing that the assembly wishes to dispose of the pending agenda item by voting on it, does not immediately adjourn the meeting, but instead awaits an appropriate motion. Q. If the assembly wishes to prevent adjournment at five o'clock for the purposes of completing this last agendized item, say, to allow maybe five more minutes, then what is the most proper parliamentary action? (e.g,. Amend Something Previously Adopted? Suspend the Rules? Extend the Limits of Debate?)
  4. At a recent meeting, the vote to purchase an additional property resulted in a tie vote. The president had not voted, but did not want to break the tie that evening, but wanted to wait 24 hours before deciding. Can a vote be exercised after the meeting adjourned? Is it okay because she indicated she wanted to think about it for 24 hours?
  5. Guest

    Vote on Adjournment

    Is a vote required for adjournment even if the "adjournment" is listed on the agenda following necessary business and a motion to approve the agenda has carried previously? I've been told by some that the person presiding over the meeting can simply say "we're adjourned" without taking a vote in this instance.
  6. I belong to a non-profit and I take the meeting minutes (but not part of the Board). We had our annual meeting/lunch in October and our Chair, who is new, failed to notice or ask for motions and of course none of our other Board members vocalized these concerns. I am unsure as how to proceed and how to reflect that in our meeting minutes. I also noticed that our interim Executive Director asked only for our Board to sign-in - no guests were officially recorded except elected officials who were verbally recognized. Is that okay? Our Chair called the meeting to order but neglected to ask for a motion to use the sign-in sheet as roll call (which we typically do at Board meetings) so no roll call was done. We presented our awardees some awards and some of the elected officials in attendance also gave small speeches. 2 of our board members informed me that they could no longer remain because of other obligations and left before lunch was served. After lunch was served, our keynote gave his speech and then our interim presented our annual report. It wasn't until after the approval of the report did I notice that we were no longer at quorum. The board made a motion and approved the annual report (despite not having quorum and not noticing). Then our Chair informed everyone of a networking reception afterwards and concluded the meeting without actually requesting a motion. So I am not sure how to reflect all of this in the meeting minutes since technically the report should not have been approved and should a motion been asked to adjourn since there was no quorum. Thanks!
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