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Found 3 results

  1. The following administrative powers were (strangely) included in our 501c3's new/first Bylaws earlier this year. We are a public middle school PTO. Only the 5th/last of these seems reasonable to me. Policies -- Seek input and approval of school administration on all matters. Funding -- Fundraising efforts beyond dues must be approved by administration. Elections of Executive Committee -- Filling mid year vacancies requires administration approval. Special Meetings -- Administration may, on his/her own, call a special meeting. Treasurer Duties
  2. I'm having some trouble with our village administrator. There's a "parks design plan" proposed by the recreation department. There are 2 village employees running the rec dept, a director and an assistant. I'm 36 with a young family and I'm active with school events, sports, etc. Some families have said to me around town things like "it'd be nice to see soccer back at the park..." I relayed this information my friends said to me... to the recreation director. A week later, the director got scolded by the village admin, saying he should not be talking to me (village trustee) about t
  3. I sit as a member of a municipal citizen advisory committee. The administer recently used the minutes to promote a personal agenda by misquoting the content of an email brought forward at the meeting in the minutes and; omitted a portion of amended minutes that were carried at a previous meeting. Are there any clear legal or ethical lines crossed in these cases and how to best address it without getting personal? Would there be any good reason to just let it go instead of engaging in what will likely be a hostile response. I'll mention we have a weak Chair that doesn't call for decorum
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