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Found 12 results

  1. Guest


    Can the agenda be changed to allow new members in before voting on an issue
  2. Our HOA board holds regular monthly meetings. On occasion we adjourn the regular meeting to move into an executive session. Is that exec session handled like a regular meeting - do we have an agenda, do we call roll, have flag salute, etc. And, after meeting begins, we have dispensed with parlimentary procedure in order to have an open discussion on a certain subject. Are we okay with that?
  3. Hello, I am preparing our Board agenda and a committee has sent motions wording for each policy being brought forward for approval with a mover and a seconder already listed from their committee members. Is it proper to include this in the agenda? Normal practice for us would be to include suggested motion wording with no mover or seconder noted. Thank you
  4. There will be a motion to amend the agenda, submitting a new motion under decision items. This new motion has been previously ruled as out of order, opposes charter and past organizational practice. Is the motion to amend the agenda also out of order? Or is the motion to amend the agenda considered separate from the merits of the new motion?
  5. An Agenda was approved at the beginning of the meeting and the topic brought up at the end for a vote was not on the agenda. Is the vote valid?
  6. My board has a policy which states that our agenda must be followed, and that in order to change the agenda set by the chairman and executive member, there must be a unanimous vote of the board. This policy has been interpreted to mean that no motions of new business can be made without it being approved on the agenda. I contend that this is in violation of RONR. We follow "the most recent edition of Roberts Rules of Order". I cannot find anything specific in RONR which states that the purpose of New Business is to bring up new motions, whether they are specifically listed on the agenda or not. Please advise.
  7. In the text found on page 371, lines 25-27 (text that is new to the 11th edition, by the way) we read: "In an agenda, often an hour is assigned only to such subjects as the calls to order, recesses, adjournments..." The difficulty is that a "call to order" isn't an "item of business" (i.e., something the assembly can act on in a meeting) and shouldn't be included in an agenda at all. See the footnote on page 26. A "call to order" takes place before the meeting begins. I suppose this could be remedied by dropping "the calls to order" from the quoted text, or by changing "agenda" to "program", the more all-encompassing term. I'll leave that decision to the authorship team.
  8. Guest

    Adding agenda items

    We set the agenda at the start of the meeting. We also have "for the good of the order" listed just before adjournment. Can new items (items not mentioned at the beginning of the meeting) be discussed at "for the good of the order" ? Is this a Presidential decision?
  9. Hello, Does a Board need to make a motion to postpone the rest of the agenda until the next meeting. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  10. We have a club election coming up and I have a question about the order of business. Our chairman plans to hold the elections at the beginning of the meeting during the refreshments. I'm concerned about the distractions and uncontrolled chaos around the secretary's table that would make it hard to control ballots and verify eligible voters. We vote by written ballot;nominations were made at the last meeting. Two questions: Is it proper or advisable to hold elections in this environment? Absent a published agenda which our chairman has steadfastly refused to produce, does RONR offer any guidance as to what point in a meeting elections should be held: during new business, unfinished business, etc.? We do have an order of business published in our Standing Rules of Order which I pasted verbatim below. Thanks. Refreshments and Roundtable Discussion (6:00 – 6:30) Educational Program/Speaker 6:30-7:15 Call to Order (President or Presiding Officer) 7:15-7:20 Invocation 7:15-7:20 Pledge of Allegiance 7:15-7:20 Recognition of New Members and Guests (President) 7:20-7:30 Reading of the minutes (Secretary) 7:30-7:35 Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer) 7:35-7:40 Committee Reports (Committee Chairs) 7:40-7:50 Break 7:50-8:00 Board of Directors Reports (President) 8:00-8:10 Other Officers Reports 8:10-8:20 Unfinished Business 8:20-8:45 New Business 8:45-9:00 Adjournment (President) 9:00
  11. 1. Who write up the agenda, the President or the Secretary ? 2. Where can one find the answer in Robert's Rules of Order ? 3. How is an Officer removed from Office
  12. 2 Motions were properly put by a member to be included in the Agenda for Annual general Meeting and was published 21 days in advance of the meeting as per the Constitution of the Club. Is it in order to remove the motion from the agenda before the meeting but after the 21 day deadline for publishing the agenda in advance? My view is that the agenda cannot be amended but that the Chair of the AGM can advise the attendees that the proposers have asked that the motions be withdrawn Note ,our constitution is silent as to anything to do with changing AGM agenda before or at meeting Advice greatly appreciated
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