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Found 3 results

  1. What are the rights of non-members attending the AGM of a Society. Are they entitled to speak from the floor or do they require permission from the chair, or the assembled members, to speak? Know that non-members do not have a vote, but can they move motions? Can they raise a point of order? Do they have any other rights on the floor? I will be chairing the AGM Thank you.
  2. There is a possibility at our annual general meeting that if a former board member gets elected this year, most of the board will immediately resign, state their reasons and walk out of the meeting. I am concerned we will then not have enough board members to form a quorum to hold a board meeting, and no one to chair, record minutes, sign cheques, pay bills, etc. Effectively our club will cease to be able to do business. Here are my questions should these newly elected officers and board directors resign and walk out: Can someone make a motion to have the board member causing these resignati
  3. A member of our club wants a letter that has been reicieved by the committee to be read out at the A G M .This letter will lead to a lengthy debate . The committeee has saud that the matter can be added onto the agenda even though the chair of that committee says she would rather it not be at that time. Can this be done . There is only seven days before the A G M .
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