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Found 5 results

  1. Hello looking for guidance here. There is a convention committee (created by the Bylaws) that allows for members and alternates to be designated by different bodies. Can one be both an appointee of one body and an alternate for another? Example: Organization A appoints Ms. Smith as its alternate and appoints 5 primary appointees. Organization B appoints Ms. Smith as its primary appointee and Ms. Jones as its alternate. If any one of Organization A's primary appointees do not attend a meeting, may Ms. Smith substitute in as an alternate and then Ms. Jones is the primary
  2. I am an elected member of the local Assembly district. The Board consists of 9 elected members who have selected their own alternates. My question/problem is that some of the alternates think that they are entitled to share even when their delegate is present. I say NO since Robert's clearly states that only 'members' can debate/discuss. Can you clarify?
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    alternate members

    We have a six member elected municipal board. There are also three alternate members who are appointed. One of the elected members of the board resigns. If a member of the board is simply absent, then the remaining members of the board vote to appoint an alternate to sit in such absent member's place for the meeting. The question is, with the vacancy position, can the remaining board members vote to appoint an alternate to serve for a meeting. They are not voting this member to permanently fill the vacancy, just appointing the alternate to fill the vacancy for the specific meeting.
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    Our church has a constitution and bylaws and it states: "A Call Committee of six voting members and two non-voting alternates shall be elected by this Congregation." But it is silent as to whether the congregation should vote for 6 or 8. At the election of the congregation how many should people vote for?
  5. Can alternates serve on convention committee's that are held previously to the opening of the convention?
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