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Found 5 results

  1. Our congregational constitution requires that members receive a "copy" of any constitutional amendment (motion) 30-days before the discussion/vote on same. In the new world of electronics, does RONR consider electronically-mailed copies to be the same as "copies" (which, obviously, was originally meant to be "paper", but, of course, they didn't know better.) Does RONR speak to this nowadays, or is it a state-by-state kind of thing? Our current "amendment" situation actually involves adopting a whole new 35-page constitution, and we'd rather e-mail than print one for everyone...
  2. 1) If we want to amend Section I and Section II and Section III. of our bylaws Can we make one (1) motion or does each section have to have a separate motion . 2) If we want to get rid of a section of the bylaws and not replace it with anything how should the motion be worded?
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    Our church constitution states that proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws must first be presented at a regular business meeting and then voted on at the next scheduled meeting. There is a standing bylaws committee that has presented these changes and they are scheduled for a vote at the next meeting. If someone should make an amendment to one of the proposed recommendations (and it receives the proper votes to pass) does the amended change then have to remain on the table until the next scheduled meeting? Or, can that be voted on immediately?
  4. Our organization's bylaw regarding "Amendment of Bylaws" says that the bylaws of the corporation may be repealed or amended by bylaw enacted by a majority of the directors at a meeting of the board of directors.They say nothing about a revision of the bylaws.Would it therefore be in order for the membership to propose a revision of the bylaws?
  5. The following is the current provision in our bylaws: 1.01 The bylaws of the Corporation may be repealed or amended by bylaw enacted by a majority of the directors at a meeting of the board of directors and the enactment, repeal or amendment of such bylaw or bylaws shall be acted upon immediately and ratified by an affirmative vote of at least two thirds (2/3) of the members present at a general meeting, provided, provided that the proposed amendment or amendments be circulated 30 days prior to the meeting. "acted upon immediately" is a little ambiguous. Who is doing the acting here? The d
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