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Found 8 results

  1. I'm the secretary for my organization, and I want to revise our constitution. We don't have a bylaws section, but we do have 6 or 7 amendments listed out at the end of the constitution. Our constitution hasn't really been updated in over 10 years, so a lot of it's contents are out of date. There's a lot of things I need to change to make the constitution reflect how my organization currently functions, so it seems like it would make more sense to write an updated constitution and have it ratified at a meeting instead of voting on multiple, specific amendments. The amendments sections of our co
  2. Using parlementary procedures, could an assembly modeify a budget approved by the governing body (Council) when constitutionally the assembly only has authority to approve or not approve the annual budget?
  3. Guest

    Bylaw Amendments

    Someone has proposed to ammend section in our bylaws by changing several lines in that section. Do we vote on the section as a whole or do we do it by line? The reason is I agree with some of the changes of the section, but not all. Thanks
  4. If members have problems with a formal recommendation from a committee report, can they amend and change everything on the formal recommendation or does the committee need to go back to reconsider what they are recommending?
  5. Guest

    Bylaws Amendments

    Greetings! I have a question on revising a Bylaws amendment for an organization. Basically we (my Chapter) submitted a proposal to amend our organization's Bylaws to limit dues increases to once every 5 years, and included an argument in support of that position. Unfortunately; the wording of the proposal, as submitted, allowed for MORE than we had wished. There is a lot of 'why?' behind that...but essentially, we are wondering if Robert's Rules can give us a way to modify a Bylaws Amendment proposal, on the Council floor, and stay within the Rules. Feel free to respond privately to TunerJeff@
  6. Organization is organized under bylaws approved by majority vote of a quorum of the entire organization. Is it customary/required/normal/... to provide the precise wording of amendments to the bylaws as opposed to providing a paraphrase of the wording and reasons for change? Is it proper to do this orally or should it be done in writing?
  7. Clarificadtion response to a previous question An 80 old organizadtion created a "new" classification of membership 20 years ago. Thie dues for this classification per organizational reasons were set $100 higher than regular members at that time. The dues are contained in the by-laws and therefore must be changed by an amendent to the by-laws and subject to proper notification. Historic parctice based on the originial amendment to create the "new" classification has been to maintain the $100 differential through many cycles of dues increases over time. The proper notice for the last cycle
  8. The organization I am working with normally passes motions by a simple majority. For an upcoming business item we have set the % higher to 80%. If an amendment is made or a motion to talbe is made do both of these need to meet the 80% or a simple majoirty?
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