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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I am the Chair of a 501 c3 diving organization that uses relaxed RRoO. We have a motion and a second on a topic. The vote is in progress. A BOD member agrees to vote if additional verbiage is included. Do I Stop the voting process and ask this BOD member to return to his committee to amend the verbiage to be resent to the BOD to start a new vote? I'm new at this. Please advise. Kind regards, Renee
  2. Our bylaws state "These Rules of Order may be amended at any meeting by two-thirds of the voting Membership." No previous notice is required according to the bylaws. So, I have two different issues: Do we have to comply with previous notice if it's not explicitly stated? This is all there is under the amendment section. My reading is that, no, we do not. Since we have an explicit rule regarding the amendment of bylaws that does not include it, it would not automatically require it just because it was in RONR. In other words, we don't have to explicitly say "no previous notice is
  3. Guest


    Once an ammendment has been moved and seconded, how does one propose to ammend the ammendment?
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