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Found 5 results

  1. My question is regarding a church annual meeting that uses Roberts' Rules. 1. Must budget line items (and total operating budget) be passed by a 2/3 majority or does a simple majority suffice? 2. If a budget salary line item is amended on annual meeting floor by a congregation member, despite the fact that an Executive Board is charged by church bylaws to sign all contracts and employ all personnel, does the annual meeting vote trump the Executive Board vote's vote (to employ that person for less money than the annual meeting voted for, by a very close margin)? THANK YOU for any help with these questions.
  2. We will be holding our first annual meeting and we have 3 openings on our board to fill. We also need to elect officers. Our by-laws state: 1) Newly elected Directors shall assume office at the first Board of Directors meeting following their election. 2) The Officers shall be elected from among the Board of Directors at each annual meeting of the Directors and shall serve for one year and until their successors are elected and qualified. My question involves when the officer elections occur? Does that happen after the new members are elected? I am confused because of the statement "newly elected Directors shall assume office at the first Board of Directors meeting following their election." Does this make sense? We start the meeting with the election of new board members, then, technically, the newly elected directors can join the board and participate in the election of officers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    We are voting to fill 4 places of departing Board members (of 8 total 2-yr term members) and President (1-yr term). There are 4 Board nominees from the Nominating Committee. Wrinkle here is president nominee is a current Board member with 1-yr remaining. Assuming president nominee is elected, is the highest vote-count write-in considered the 5th Board electee? By-laws atate electees are determined by plurality and Board vacancy is filled by 2/3rds vote of BoD.
  4. Hi everyone, I am interested to know how one would go about applying Robert's Rules to the annual board meeting for a Home Owners Association. The meeting is jointly run by the property management company and the board of directors - it is open to all home owners within the property to attend. The agenda is as follows: 1. intros 2. presidents message 3. financial report 4. architectural committee report 5. Nominations and Elections for open board positions 6. Questions and Answer period for the residents. 7. Election results 8. Adjourn The main aspects about quorum and notice, etc are all observed, but some residents think that the strict application of the rules should apply and the should be able to make motions, etc. Since the only item which is up for vote is the election of new members, and most other items would either be voted on by the board after due research/legal council etc and anything which might amend the articles of incorporation requires a well documented process, I am uncertain what other motions could be made and how the voting would actually occur in a meaningful way. For example, I do not thing it would be proper for a homeowner to say table a motion to change one of the community rules and regs and have it debated and voted on, either by the board or the attendees. The meeting usually only barely meets quorum and any proxies submitted have only been made aware of the election as a possible vote. I do see where the Q&A period could follow the structure or each homeowner can ask one question and cannot rise to speak until all others have had a turn, and the process of only directing the questions to the chair/board instead of allowing cross talk with the other members. Any suggestions or thoughts would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Donald
  5. I belong to a non-profit and I take the meeting minutes (but not part of the Board). We had our annual meeting/lunch in October and our Chair, who is new, failed to notice or ask for motions and of course none of our other Board members vocalized these concerns. I am unsure as how to proceed and how to reflect that in our meeting minutes. I also noticed that our interim Executive Director asked only for our Board to sign-in - no guests were officially recorded except elected officials who were verbally recognized. Is that okay? Our Chair called the meeting to order but neglected to ask for a motion to use the sign-in sheet as roll call (which we typically do at Board meetings) so no roll call was done. We presented our awardees some awards and some of the elected officials in attendance also gave small speeches. 2 of our board members informed me that they could no longer remain because of other obligations and left before lunch was served. After lunch was served, our keynote gave his speech and then our interim presented our annual report. It wasn't until after the approval of the report did I notice that we were no longer at quorum. The board made a motion and approved the annual report (despite not having quorum and not noticing). Then our Chair informed everyone of a networking reception afterwards and concluded the meeting without actually requesting a motion. So I am not sure how to reflect all of this in the meeting minutes since technically the report should not have been approved and should a motion been asked to adjourn since there was no quorum. Thanks!
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