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Found 3 results

  1. Guest


    Recently we had a member take action which required disciplinary actions. Having never been through a trial process before, we did the best we could thanks to RRoO. It ended in a unanimous expulsion vote. Does the accused member have a right to appeal this? Second can this member reapply in a year as if they were a new member or id the expulsion final? We have realized due to this our bylaws need to be revised.
  2. Guest

    Point of Order

    I need help! What if someone keeps saying "Point of Order" about things that are not parliamentary in nature? --- ex: she thinks something should have been included in a handout, etc. As presiding officer do I still need to rule on this? if I say the point is not well taken, and explain she needs to state which parilamentary rule someone has broken), she says "oh, it's a rule all right -- it's in there someplace", and then wants to appeal the decision. Do I really need to take an appeal vote on something that is obviously not even a point of order (and waste everyone's time)? This member is very loud, agressive and abrasive, and members are rolling their eyes. She says she knows her rights and her Robert's Rules (ah....a little knowledge....) Many of our members are older and meek, and she has steam-rolled over them for years. Now I've joined, and she resents my leadership. Many of our older members do not even understand "point of order" ....I don't think they could even follow what is involved in an "appeal" (a majority vote in the "negative" is beyond some of their comprehension). So please --- how do I handle this? give me some wording to use with her. Or if I am in the wrong, plese explain why.
  3. I am wondering if there are any specific grounds for appealing and overturning a moderator's ruling of something being out of order. I have recently experienced a moderator's ruling being overturned when his grounds for declaring the motion out of order were based on out constitution. I'm certain that the political will of the assembled body cannot trump the constitutional requirements, but I am not sure how to deal with this on RONR specific grounds
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