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Found 1 result

  1. In our organization, we have a "mother" organization with several associated regions who affiliate by annual dues. Within each region, there are several clubs. The regions are expected to be in conformity with the mother organization. Each club is expected to be in conformity with the regions. This particular region has violated our bylaws by refusing to pay certain fees (the clubs voted by a 2/3 majority not to pay) which then resulted in late fees added. The mother organization simply went ahead and placed them in "not good standing". During our 2012 meeting, we heard from the President of that particular region during our Executive Council meeting and were told of the "issues/reasons/excuses" to which the Executive Council (made up of all the regions and the mother board) denied the reason for non-payment. We also barred the President from being involved in that meeting and the next subsequent meeting of the day by taking away both voicing and voting rights for that day's meetings. 8 months later, the region wants to appeal the fees and late fines. They have demanded that we use our appeal process for the upcoming 2013 meeting. The problem is (other than 8 months later) - our appeal process is geared towards individuals/clubs who may have violated the bylaws, code of conduct, ethics, etc. We have a full appeals/grievance process for that. But our bylaws do NOT have an appeals process for the region itself. If a region is suspended or placed on probation, that includes the entire regional membership. Is there any specific citation of the suspension/appeals process for items not in our own bylaws for handling this? If at our 2012 meeting, the decision was to deny their excuse for non-payment and it was further reported in the larger delegate meeting and no one objected, wouldn't that become the "official" act after the meeting ends? Even though there was not a motion made to suspend or place the region on probation, it was still reported that they could not voice nor vote at the 2012 meeting due to the decision of the Executive Committee. The response/answer to this will bring about at least 2 more questions. Thanks.
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