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Found 5 results

  1. Our constitution tasks the president with appointing a number of "general staff" positions, and the Executive Board with appointing a number of "independent staff" positions. The constitution does not specify the term for such positions, nor a procedure for removing staff. Can the president unilaterally remove general staff, and the executive board independent staff? I know RONR says that a president with the authority to appoint committee members may also remove them, but I'm not sure if that applies to other things as well. Here is a link to our constitution. Articles 7-9 are particula
  2. Question: Can a board member appoint themselves to open paid positions? Can a board member hold two positions, one as board member and the other as paid employee? Can the community request the member to pick one or the other? Thank you,
  3. Is there ever a scenario in which a committee should be appointed to approve the minutes? What about a special meeting?
  4. Guest


    When a committee is formed....is it appointed by an executive member? Or is it voted upon by the assembly? Can a person who want to form a committee volunteer as chairperson over that committee?
  5. Our Board Chair forgot to sign up for re-election last November and there was no one opposing him. We appointed him back into his position in February of this year. We have just now discovered that in January we should have appointed the Vice-Chair to fulfill his Board Chair position and in February when we appointed him it would have been to to fill the Vice-Chair's empty position. Is this correct? If yes, is it too late to correct it? And how would we do that?
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