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Found 13 results

  1. Hello - at our last board meeting, the board agreed to revise a board responsibilities document (not a part of the by-laws). It was agreed that the proposed changes would be sent via email. So, we sent the changes and asked for #1- Approval to consider this matter over email and #2 Approval of the revised responsibilities document. Each board member has replied to provide their approval, so it is unanimous. My question is this - what's the best way to reflect this unanimous approval to the board responsibilities document, since it's in between our quarterly meetings? Should we do an addendum to last meetings' minutes? A standalone document we can send to the board meetings? I was unable to find a straightforward answer on best practices for this. Thank you!
  2. Guest

    Approving minutes

    We are an international society which holds formal face-to-face meetings twice a year. Conference call meetings occur in between. New officers are elected every 2 years. Issue: January of 2018 produces new officers and new members of a particular assembly of the society. During their first meeting of 2018, they are to approve the minutes of the December 2017 face-to-face meeting, at which, none of the new officers attended. This scenario is true for all 20 of our society's assemblies. Question: Since it is unlikely the previous assembly members will have time/opportunity to approve their minutes from the December meeting, can we apply RONR p 355, lines 8-11: "It should be noted that a member's absence from the meeting for which minutes are being approved does not prevent the member from participating in their correction or approval"? Thanks for your help!
  3. If it is the responsibility of the president to appoint committee chairs and a vote of the B.O.D. is required to approval the appointments. Is the President as a member of the B.O.D. allowed to vote. I was told that since the president is appointing the chairs that they are now considered bias and should remove him(her)self from the vote.
  4. The secretary of our organization has not provided drafts of the minutes in advance of the general membership meetings for me to review. I am not comfortable approving something I've not read. We have not approved minutes for the entire year as a result of not having them prepared or giving them to me 20 minutes before a meeting. Once I read them, they required changes. I suggested we call a special general membership meeting to approve the minutes. (3 days notice). I can get a quorum. If we do not do this, can the next new board consisting of 3/5 new members and a new general memeberhsip base approve the previous year's minutes?
  5. Guest

    Agenda Order

    In a recent meeting, the chair had as the first order of business the election of an at large board member. Shouldn't the first order of business after calling the meeting to order be the approval of the agenda?
  6. I have a question about the Minutes which seems a bit odd. Say I have an issue with a proposed set of Minutes. What if I claim that a motion was incorrectly recorded. I can offer a correction, but what if the majority of members disagree with me. Thus, I cannot accept approval of the Minutes if I honestly believe that the Minutes are not accurate. How would the final "approval" of the Minutes be acceptable if a small group of members back me up and we do not agree with the Minutes as they are presented? I ask this because RONR states that no vote is supposed to occur on the actual approval of the Minutes. This seems to be a situation where "majority rules" and unanimous consent will not take place. The majority wishes the Minutes to be approved as they are, but a majority disagrees (and let's assume that the 'minority' makes up more than 1/3 of the membership.) What would happen to ensure the Minutes are actually approved?
  7. At our last regular board meeting, we set the date and agenda for a special meeting. Our president was not at that regular meeting, and there is a desire to approve the minutes of that meeting in addition to dealing with the two items of business included in the notice of call for the special meeting. Is it possible to "suspend the rules" and allow the approval of the minutes of the last regular meeting to take place at the upcoming special meeting?
  8. I have a question. If RONR recognizes that if Minutes are distributed prior to the Meeting, then why is it that RONR still allows to request that the Minutes be read? If members have a copy of the Minutes and have had a chance to read them before coming to the meeting, it seems to me that it is dilatory to allow a member to request that the Minutes be read. Unless, of course, the member is illiterate - which is unlikely in this day and age.
  9. Guest

    Approval of Minutes

    I was under the impression that if minutes are emailed out after a meeting with the request to send corrections if necessary - and no corrections are received that minutes are approved as is. Is this not correct?
  10. Guest

    Executive Session

    Can a motion and approval be made in a meeting to a general item and then specifics be voted on in Executive Session? For example, approve hiring of individuals during the regular meeting and then going into executive session for approving specific individual salaries.
  11. Our secretary has been keeping minutes but didn't have them prepared to approve at the last meeting. 1) Are we allowed to conduct new business without approving the minutes of the last meeting? 2) If so, how long are we allowed to go without approving the minutes? 3) What rule addresses this topic? Thank you
  12. Will our minutes from the last meeting of a retiring board need to be approved by that board or incoming board>
  13. Guest

    Committee reports

    Does a committee report need a motion, second and vote for approval?
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