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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so if an organization has two types of members (A and B ), and Member type B is permitted to vote on everything except bylaws and matters dealing with finances, does that mean that Member B should be considered "out of order" if he/she tries to make and/or debate motions that deal with those particular topics? (Hmmm. I have such a sense of deja vu...) Louise
  2. Hello, all. According to RONR, "member" is defined as"a person having the right to full participation in its proceedings - that is, as explained in 3 and 4, the right to make motions, to speak in debate on them, and to vote." (p. 3 l. 8-12) Does this mean that only full members with all those rights should be called "members"? Is it too confusing to have two classes of members by that name ("member"), even if they have distinctive titles (ABC and XYZ, say), each of which has its own set of rights and responsibilities outlined in the bylaws? We are proposing the wording in our bylaws draft, "Th
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