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Found 1 result

  1. I am a member in good standing in a parent group. I choose to attend a board meeting and was allowed to make a presentation. After the presentation I was asked to leave. I said I wished to remain and was told that was not customary. A discussion followed in which I said as a member in good standing I had the right to observe the board meeting and the board essentially said board meetings are closed. I told the board that I was not sure they had the right to vote to close the meeting, but that I that if they wanted me to leave they would have to vote to close the meeting. At that point I was allowed to stay. Questions: 1. Where in Roberts Rules does it say that members in good standing may attend, but not speak during, board meetings? 2. Where in Roberts Rules are courtesy seats addressed? 3. What is the purpose of a courtesy seat? 4. If a member wishes to attend a meeting, but a courtesy seat is not offered must the member leave? 5. Under what, if any, circumstances may a member in good standing be required to leave a board meeting? Thank you. Cherries
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