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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Auditing question

    I am unclear, for an annual audit; are the records to be turned over by the treasurer to the auditing committee (in house) to be reviewed, or is the treasurer to sit in on the audit? Source?
  2. How does a member request an order of a Forensic audit of a society under Roberts Rules of Order
  3. Guest

    Yearly audit

    Does the Treasurer set on Audit committee?
  4. I am a new president of a non-profit organization. I have been a member for over 10 years. Our by-laws require us to elect a president, VP, Secretary, treasurer, and 3 trustees. Trustees serve 3 year staggering terms, all others one year terms. In the description of their duties, it clearly states that trustees will audit the treasurer's reports and all accounts quarterly. All chairpersons will submit budgets to be reviewed by the executive committee and accepted by the whole association. We have only 2 accounts - checking and savings. All expenditures must be approved by the association
  5. What are the roles of the Audit Chair other than signing the finished audit. Can a President remove a person from the audit committee without the vote of the board?
  6. Our organization is a member organization. After reviewing submitted budgets, it was obvious that the money that should have been desposited does not match the actual money that was deposited into our account. I am not sure if this from misappropriation or theft. I have tried to ask for an audit, as a board member, and was denied by the officer that I believe has stolen from the organization. How should I proceed to obtain a treasurer's report, form 995 and all other requisite documents to complete an audit.
  7. The President appoints the standing committees and has appointed himself and the treasurer to the Audit Committee. I was under the impression that those are two individuals that should not be on the Audit Committee. Is there anything in the 11th edition that would reference that?
  8. WE have had questions brought up about members of the board being on 2 commitees at the same time. Can amember be a member of the finance committee and audit commitee at the same time. I feel as thought there is no conflict of interest. Please help me if you can. Rich Appenzellar Executive Director Palms Estates of Highlands County
  9. Guest

    Conflict of Interest

    I was appointed Chairman of the Audit Committee by the President and was authorize to receive all the financial information needed to complete the audit. Two other individuals were appointed to be in the audit committee. Receiving the information for the audit, such as monthly financial reports and bank statement, I posted everything to an accounting program, Quick Book, to get a yearly total of all incomes and expenses which I thought would easier to do the audit. I did not insert any thing that was not in the information that I received. A copy of the accounting report was given to the two
  10. I think it's not appropriate for a president to serve ex-officio of audit committee of which he/she also appoints the members. However, I'm struggling with the best language for an explanation. I'm thinking along the lines of the fact that since the president is involved and has responsibility with the day-to-day financials of the organization, that they should not be permitted to serve on the audit committee. Please help. Thanks.
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