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Found 4 results

  1. I am part of an organization where the chair of standing committee "A" (as part of his official report to the body) announced unexpectedly that a contentious question would be coming before standing committee "B". This is, of course, inappropriate because that announcement had not gone through committee "A" and, therefore, should not have been part of their official report. In addition, the issue is outside the charge committee "A". Although this action cannot be undone, it has some difficult consequences. Members of committee "B" are concerned that they will not be able to vote freely du
  2. Hello, I have an unusual situation we have encountered in our association this past fall. Members that were not happy with the current Board members followed the rules established in our bylaw that allow for members to nominate candidates to be on the ballot by petition. Petitions were circulated and delivered to the secretary in a timely manner. The sitting President established a nominating committee (following our bylaws) who then put forth a slate of candidates for election. So for the first time in our association's history, we had a contested election where members had to vote for on
  3. We currently do not have an elected President. Our by-laws say that our Exec Direction presides over the meeting. She has a voting spot on our Board. If we have two nominees for President my understanding is that she should not vote unless it is to break a tie. If we vote by ballot (not required in our by-laws) then my understanding is that she can vote. What happens if we vote by ballot and there is a tie? If the answer is there is a re-vote, what happens if there is no resolution?
  4. Guest

    Voting by Ballot

    when voting by ballot, if there is a box passed around and everyone puts their votes in, once that box has been opened, has voting been stopped? Reason I ask, we had a membership of 60 people at the meeting and only 59 votes were tallied after the box was opened. There was a question asked if someone did not vote. One person said she did not vote and she was allowed to vote and it made it a tie 30/30 instead of the original count of 30/29. What does Roberts rules say in regards to this matter?
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