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  1. IN OUR SMALL (90) ORGANIZATION, a controversial motion is coming up soon for a discussion and a vote. Some members are concerned about intimidation, and would like to have a VOTE BY BALLOT. What is the proper way to go about it? What is the correct motion (THAT THE VOTE ON THIS MATTER SHALL BE BY BALLOT)? When to make it? Who may make it? What form? What it takes for it to pass? Sorry, but couldn't google this out of the internet... Thanks, Yoram
  2. Nominations closed. Election set for a month later. Candidate decides to withdraw their name from consideration three weeks out before the ballots are even printed. No rules in the bylaws pertaining. Make them keep their name on? ..or remove their name before printing the ballots? Thanks in advance
  3. In a small group when voting on an election of officers can a delegate request that the vote be taken by ballot would the chair then be obligated to conducted by ballot?
  4. iN THE MATTER OF PUNISHING A MEMBER, The Bylaws say vote by ballot: ..."arbitrator’s ruling of the facts of the matter and recommendation of punishment, if any, shall be submitted to the general membership for approval, at the next GMM, before the proposed punishment can become final. At the GMM, held in an executive session, [that safeguards the privacy of the accused and the Association] a simple majority of A
  5. The right to change one’s vote is not restricted to the regular methods of voting (RONR [11th ed.], p. 408). In a vote taken by ballot, may a member who wants to change his vote thus unilaterally require the assembly to redo the balloting from scratch? That would seem to be the only way to preserve the integrity and secrecy of the balloting process but enables an individual to delay business. There seem to be two cases with respect to timing: requesting to change a ballot vote either before or after the tellers’ report has been read (and before the result is announced, in each case). In t
  6. If an election was held by ballot, and certain members voted that were ineligible to vote, and the ballots were destroyed after the election, on what basis can the election be considere null and void? I found this on the dummies website, but can't find the supporting language in the actual rules.. "Votes cast by illegal voters must not be counted at all, not even included in the number of total votes cast. If it’s determined that enough illegal votes were cast by illegal voters to affect the result, and these votes can’t be identified and removed from the count, then
  7. Guest

    Ballot Guidance

    I belong to a local social club that was established about 6 years ago. This club in not incorporated. The board has made a recommendation to its membership to modify the name of the club. A written notice of a pending motion to vote to amend the by laws and modify the name of the club. The written notice was mailed to all club members within the time frame (10 days) of the meeting for a vote to amend the by laws with the name change. The notice stated the bylaws as they stand today (CLUB NAME: Valley Club), and the proposed by laws change (CLUB NAME: Big Valley Club) . My questions are di
  8. Our organization's bylaws indicate that RONR shall be followed, except as otherwise provided in a specific bylaw. Every year, at the first meeting of the board after the AGM, the board members elect a vice-president during the meeting. Nominations are made during the same meeting. The nominations and election are conducted by ballot. One board member has claimed that RONR indicates that any candidate can observe the counting of the ballot. Under the board's current procedures for election of vice-president, this is problematic since each board member hand-writes the name of the candidate
  9. Is there any restriction on how the parliamentarian or any other officers (besides the president whose restrictions I am already familiar with) may vote?
  10. If the Chairman will be on a ballot for nomination to a position other than the Committee, is it proper for said chairman to preside at the Assembly?
  11. Happy New Year! For the HOA Annual General Meeting our Board of Directors mailed the membership paint chip colors, architects renderings of the colors, and included ballots to select the paint color. It was also an agenda item. The membership voted their ballots, absentee votes were counted and the votes were announced at the meeting with one color overwhelming in the majority. The results of the vote were included in the minutes. Two months later a Board member at a Board meeting made a motion to change the paint color. When I questioned whether the Board could override a ballot vote by
  12. Let me explain the situation and then I will ask two questions at the end of my post. Officer elections are coming up and things have gotten contentious. Nominating Committee met and presented a slate with one name for each position. The sitting President was on the slate as the nominee for President next year, as is our custom. A nomination from the floor was made to run against the sitting President. While this is allowed in our bylaws, it has never been done before. According to our bylaws, nomination from the floor are made at the September meeting and the Election is at the October
  13. This relates to an earlier post- some new info came in. An absentee ballot went out to the membership, per the bylaw requiring a vote "whether" to accept applicants to the society. instead of composing a ballot that asks the votes whether they vote YES or NO on each applicant, the officer in charge created a ballot with a YES box only. More than that: The ballot says, in bold: [this is the exact way it was printed:] Please indicate your approval by VOTING "YES" and in another page of the ballot: Please indicate your approval by checking "YES" next to each applicant's name below.
  14. An absentee ballot was sent to the membership for a vote on accepting applicants for memberhsip. The bylaws provide that “active members shall decide by secret ballot and by a majority vote whether to accept the applicant as a member. Those unable to attend may cast an absentee ballot by letter or FAX." "Whether"... The printed ballot had only a "YES" box to check . No alternative. No "NO" box. Q1: Is this allowed, or does it make the ballot invalid? Q2: The COO who created the ballot said that he omitted the NO box intentionally, so as to influence the outcome [and hoping to
  15. Guest

    Counting Ballot Vote

    What is the acceptable method of counting ballots for the election of officers? Should the ballots be counted in the presence of the votng assembly or collected and counted by the meeting chair in private?
  16. Would just like to confirm that if a specific voting type is spelled out in the bylaws, is it correct that it cannot be suspended for a different voting type. I did see in voting procedure that if the bylaws require a vote to be taken by ballot that it cannot be suspended, but I didn't see it specifically called out the other way. Our by-laws state: At all meetings, except for the election of officers and new members, voting may be by voice or show of hands. We have a meeting coming up where there will be a controversial item that involves work to be done which has been quoted by a membe
  17. Guest

    voting by ballot

    Our bylaws state: "Voting on all matt4ers shall be by voice vote or by show of hands unless any Member, prior to the voting on any matter, demands a written vote." Is that demand for a written vote subject to a vote by the membership, or does that one person's request immediately mean that the wishes of one person are compelled to be followed by the entire membership (which at the upcoming meeting will probably be around 100 persons?
  18. Our By-Laws don't outline how to set up the ballot. In the past we would have had all three candidates listed in the ballot with directions to vote for two individuals to fill the 2 open positions. The Ballot Committee has sent out a ballot with all three individuals and asking members to vote for one person. When questioned about why the ballot didn't ask to vote for two individuals for two openings, I was told that they were going to pick the individuals with the two highest votes. Does Roberts Rules address how to create a ballot? Thanks
  19. We have a proposed amendment change to our state constitution. Each chapter must vote on it. So is this the correct procedure: Read the amendment current and proposed Ask for a motion to accept and second - state the motion Ask for discussion State that this motion requires a majority or 2/3ds vote by written ballot by chapter members present The treasurer will anounce the number presente entitled to vote Those in favor _ state motion _ will write pro. Those oppose will write con. Will ____ & ____ act as tellers (Do I need 2 tellers) Normally it is our vice president that passes &
  20. Guest

    Secret Ballot

    When By-Laws require a secret ballot for election of Officers. It is appropriate, allowable to report the count of the ballot?
  21. Good day, I will begin by thanking you in advance for any guidance and advice that is offered. Let me set the stage: Our Board is comprised of 9 Directors, each with staggered 3-year terms with three Director seats open for election each year. In the past year, we have had two resignations. The positions were appointed, but appoinment must be approved by the Membership through the Annual Election. So, for the 2014 Election, we have three 3-year term seats open, one seat with 2-years remaining in the term, and one seat with 1-year remaining in the term. The 3 Directors compl
  22. Question: An election is being held by ballot, mailed to members. The ballots have been printed with the nominations, and they have already been sent out to the membership. One of the nominees has chosen to withdraw himself from the election, but since the ballots have been sent out, they cannot be revised accordingly. Do the rules address this situation, and if so, how do they resolve it? (We would like to avoid a situation where the nominee who withdrew ends up garnering the most votes, which may throw the election into question.) Note that the Constitution and bylaws of the organiz
  23. Our bylaws require a ballot vote for elections; otherwise they prescribe a show of hands. However, a sensitive motion will be forthcoming, and I would like to make a motion for a ballot vote in this case. When would I do that: before the sensitive motion is made; before any discussion takes place; or just prior to the vote being taken (after discussion on the motion is over)?
  24. Guest


    My organization's bylaws indicate the following regarding elections: "Election of officers shall be by ballot except when there is a single nominee for an office, then the vote may be conducted by voice." Since it says that when there is one nominee that the vote "may" be by voice, how would we determine when to still continue with the required (shall) ballot or the option of the voice vote? Is there a specific section in Robert's that addresses this?
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