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Found 12 results

  1. Guest


    My organization's bylaws indicate the following regarding elections: "Election of officers shall be by ballot except when there is a single nominee for an office, then the vote may be conducted by voice." Since it says that when there is one nominee that the vote "may" be by voice, how would we determine when to still continue with the required (shall) ballot or the option of the voice vote? Is there a specific section in Robert's that addresses this?
  2. National organization conducts election by mail. Teller is a professional firm Ballots mailed, and subsequently determined invalid, due to administrative error. Ballots reissued. Before ballots were reissued, a suit against the organization was filed. Membership was not advised of pending legal action until 12 days after replacement ballots were mailed. A number of members indicate they did a quick return on their ballots, but are now asking if there is a way to withdraw their ballot. Nothing in bylaws, and nothing (that I've found in RONR). Assuming that it's not prohibited, might a witn
  3. What is a secret ballot? What are the ways officers can be elected? Secret ballot, written ballot, oral vote? I'm completely new and learning. Please be patient with me and kindly help me to understand. Thank you.
  4. Guest

    Written Ballot ?

    Hello, I was hoping to get some advice about a written ballot for a coming board election. We have a person that has held a position and no longer wishes to, but insist that her name be placed on the ballot as incumbant. I do not understand why someone who is NOT running again should have their name on the ballot. I made the ballot to say Open Seat. Is there a proper way per the rules. I would love something to quote as none of us are sad to see her go if you know what I mean. Thank you, Abigail
  5. If a member of an Association is placed on the ballot by Nomination from Petition, does the nominating committee have the right to sperate and label their candidates versus Nomination by Petition candidates on the official ballot? Thank you.
  6. After a second election ballot was issued (the first was deemed invalid since it did not follow our constitutional rules for ballots) the recording secretary resigned. The board voted to replace the RS with a person who was a candidate for a board position on the ballot. Is the second ballot still valid or should it be replaced? If the ballot is not reissued how should any votes for that candidate be handled? Thank you
  7. I have two related questions about balloted elections and business sessions in a church setting. We have three worship services each weekend. We do balloted elections for two items a year: approval of the budget and election of deacons. In the case of the budget, all discussion and amendments has been done in a single business session the weekend before. In the case of the deacons, a slate is presented to the church via publications and then voted on. (The bylaws specify that the slate as brought by the nominating committee is the only persons that can be voted on, as the nomination process ha
  8. Guest

    ballot vs hand vote

    At our meetings we typically use ballot votes to elect people to office and for sensitive votes. Recently we had a sensitive vote and someone first called for a ballot vote, then someone else asked for a hand vote. I had just planned on doing it by ballot and so that is what was done. Is there a clear directive for using a ballot vote or a hand vote?
  9. Our bylaws require votes at the AGM to be by ballot, instead they were done by show of hands. Does this mean that all motions that were voted on in this way are null and void?
  10. Our homeowners' association has an awkward voting process that was implemented in order to try and get greater participation in decision making. Unfortunately, it was not well thought out (or maybe it was) and now we have an interesting quorum situation and I am mainly trying to determine whether or not I can include the vote tally in the minutes. Our quorum is 75% of eligible voters, which includes in person and Special Proxy or General Proxy votes. If there is still not a quorum at a meeting, a motion may go out by mailed ballot after the meeting, with a certain time frame in which it must b
  11. Guest

    write-in candidates

    When there are write-in candidates on a ballot, how are they factored into the vote? Should another ballot be created which includes their names and another election held?
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