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Found 19 results

  1. Our covenants state ... "amendments must be approved by Members holding at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total votes received by the Association with a minimum of two hundred (200) votes returned." A recent meeting had over 80 percent approval for an amendment but only received 198 total votes as of the start of the meeting. Because we did not meet the 200 vote threshold, the amendment was deemed "not approved." However, mail delivery was delayed on the day of the meeting and an additional 6 votes were received in the late afternoon mail. Can we count the 6 votes because they were mailed o
  2. Guest

    Ballot Voting

    I have a question about illegal ballots. Recently, our church voted on deacons. We had 3 needing to be replaced because their term limit was up. Voting was done on paper ballots with 5 names listed on the ballot. The ballot stated "Please vote by circling the three (3) men you wish to vote for." The three with the most votes were elected. There was 1 ballot that was blank. It was thrown out. Another had all 5 circled. It was thrown out. We had several ballots that had only 2 circled or 1 circled. That's where my question is centered and where I have been searching for an answer with no luck. S
  3. If I understand correctly, a written ballot form prepared in advance of a meeting to elect directors need only include (for each office) the names of all qualified nominees, a place for write-ins, and a way to vote "for". It is proper for the ballot also to include statements that show partiality in some way, e.g., "The above nominees have been vetted by the Board Development Committee, whereas those below have not."? Note: vetting by the committee is not a qualification for office. Or, does the ballot design need to impartial, listing nominees alphabetically, for example, or in the order
  4. Guest

    Voting by Ballot

    I'm in a debate over this provision in our bylaws that our president is trying to apply to voting on a change to our by laws: "Nominations for elected officials will be made at the October regular business meeting. Additional nominations may be made at the November regular business meeting, after which members will vote for positions to be assumed on January 1 of the following year. Absentee Ballots must be submitted to President not later than 24 hours prior to the election. Such ballots must be in a sealed envelope with the Member's signature across the sea\. The ballot will b
  5. Nominations for the nominating committee have already been taken from the floor and the slate finalized. But since then, a few nominees withdrew, and now there are less people on the ballot than the number required for the committee's composition, as required in the bylaws. Do we ask for additional nominations from the floor on the day of voting, or will the president appoint the additional person?
  6. Our organization's requires written ballots be mailed to all members for the election of officers and directors and for bylaw changes. The bylaw reads: " 9.2 - ELECTION MEETING - The election of Complex officers and directors shall be conducted by mailed or delivered ballot received by the second Tuesday in September in odd-numbered years. Ballots will be collected by the Treasurer and checked against the current membership list. The President will appoint three members at large to count the ballots and the results will be tabulated by the Secretary and announced to the membership when complet
  7. According to our society constitution, However, we have an upcoming balloted vote, which, for various reasons, the four holders of these positions are prohibited from voting on. Assume eight members of the committee are present (the two required + six others), and there are six votes. Does a quorum exist? Assume six members of the committee are present (the two required + four others), and there are four votes. Does a quorum exist? Thanks, Brian
  8. Guest

    Ballot and voting

    If there are six (6) candidates on the ballot and there are only five (5) positions. My question are you required to vote for five (5)candidates or can you just vote for one (1) or two (2) etc. Are we required to vote for five (5)
  9. Guest

    Mail/Email ballots

    Is there a minum number of days that we must give committee members to return their chair/vice chair election ballots that were sent to them by either US mail or email? There is nothing in our bylaws that addresses this issue. Thank you!
  10. Our HOA is having the annual meeting and sent out the required meeting notice with a proxy form, a ballot form, bios of all candidates who wanted to be on the nominee slate for the open BOD positions. Several weeks after the forms were sent out, 3 nominees rescinded their names for 3 of the 4 open the positions. Subsequently, 1 of those individuals changed their mind and said 'put me back on the nominee slate'. To complicate the scenario, a small group of members within the HOA have filed a lawsuit against the HOA members/BOD. One (of many) points of contention within the HOA has been the us
  11. We have just found out that the President and his wife who is also the treasurer and running for office too has sent out absentee ballots with a card inclosed telling the person to vote for him and those on his slate and not to incude the card in the ballot. Is this legal?? We were told the secretary was supposed to do that.
  12. Guest

    Election Help

    In our election we have a nominating slate. We allow for members to submit candidates from the floor 24 hours prior to the election. When we have more than one candidate for an office is there a certain order to place the names on a ballot? I can think of four different methods, maybe there is more: 1. Nom. Committe choice and then the other candidate. 2. Alphabetically by first name 3. Alphabetically by last name 4. By a random drawing. I am not sure it is covered. Thanks
  13. Guest

    Paper ballots

    Last year our organization voted to allow paper ballots "following Roberts Rules of Order". The membership at the time understood that to mean that we needed a 2/3 vote of the members present (members eligible to vote who were present) in order to go forward with the paper ballot. For a year we have followed this process. Now, a member who called for a paper ballot at the last meeting (he did not get 2/3 of the vote) is claiming that he only needed a majority vote for his request to carry. What is the proper proceedure for calling for a paper ballot? Thank you
  14. If the Board of Managers of a condo association indicates that it conducts the Annual Meeting under Robert's Rules, can the unit owners: 1. expect that they can abstain from voting for one or more of the 5 candidates on the ballot for Board membership and still have their ballots considered valid 2. expect that they can use write-in candidates to substitute for candidates printed on the ballot and still have their ballots considered valid [if it is concluded by the Forum that (1.) above is a By-Law issue] 3. request that the tellers be expanded from 2 (Manager and a Board selected second) t
  15. Our HOA sent illegal ballots by mail. the ballots were illegal because they dealt with changing bylaws and according to our bylaws we could only vote on changes via a face to face meeting or via proxies. what do we do with the illegal ballots? they are still in sealed envelopes. we would like to shred them and start all over again. can we do that?
  16. P. 418, line 33: "unless the voting body directs otherwise…": Would such "direction" (presumably a motion to destroy the ballots right away, or the like) require (only) a majority vote or, in the light of the sentences following which lay out a very clear rule as to what to do with the ballots after the election, require a 2/3 "suspend-the-rules" vote to adopt?
  17. Guest

    Structuring a ballot

    I work for a police department and the patrol personnal wanted to find out if the members were interested in changing their work schedule. A survey was conducted and 72% of the members said they wanted a change. A schedule committee was formed, of which I am a member, to do research on the types of schedules that would work for our department. The committee found two (2) options that would work, an 8.5 hour shift and a 12 hour shift. In contrast to most other departments, we don't work our shifts according to straight seniority...meaning the most senior officer doesn't get all the shifts h
  18. Guest


    If a ballot has been sent out to homeowners can it be changed a day before the annual meeting of the homeowners. We have a ballot and received today from the management company of two additional names that were received via mail for proxy votes. There are two positions open but only one person is on the ballot. Does this cause confusion to the people that sent in their votes by proxy since they will not be attending the meeting? This is causing a lot of confusion.
  19. If the Bylaws of an organization call for an election by ballots and the Parliamentarian says they do not have to be used and takes a vote from the floor are the election results legal? The general membership does not know the rules about ballots, shouldn't the Parlimentarian? Can just anyone say they are a Parlimentarian?
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