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Found 1 result

  1. My HOA board is required to consist of 7 members. Our Bylaws require a quorum of 4 board members to take action, and allows the board to appoint vacancies on the board until our annual meeting. We have recently have had 5 resignations. After the first 2, the board failed to fill the vacancies. We then had 3 more, so now our board cannot achieve a quorum of 4. In this case, do our remaining 2 members still have the authority to make appointments to the 5 vacant seats even they cannot have the Bylaws requirement of a quorum? If not, what our our alternatives. Some have suggested a "special" election, but our board will be able to resume normal business as soon as possible if they are allowed to make appointments. I cannot find anything in RRNR that addresses BOTH appointment of vacancies and the inability to have a quorum. Thank you!