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Found 1 result

  1. we are a non profit VFD which falls under open records not open meetings and we are a nine member board with one vacancy. We have nothing in our bylaws that prohibit getting approval to do things thru email but our bylaws do state that if it is not in the by laws we follow Robers Rules. My question is our board president need to sign our ESD contract so he put out an email asking for approval he received three yes responses by email and one by word of mouth. He says because he had four approvals that he could sign the contract and my response was that because we are a nine member board he needed to have 5 yes votes because we were not at a meeting with a quorom. Two have a meeting we need to have half the board present which with a nine member board is 5. He has already signed the contract with no motion and nothing recorded by the secretary. Is this legal under roberts rules and did he have enough yes votes with the 4 because even though we are a nine member board we only have eight actually holding a post
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