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Found 5 results

  1. When drafting a new policy is there a required amount of time that the board must be notified in advance of approving it at a board meeting?
  2. Currently, our bylaws specify in Article X, the process for amending our bylaws with the following reading: "These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting eligible Members present at any regular meeting after such amendments have been read at a previous meeting and a copy sent to each member household in writing via US Postal Service or electronic mailing at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which said amendments shall be considered." The Chairperson of our Board of Trustees (also ex-officio member of the Bylaws Committee of which I am Chair) is somewhat forcefully proposing an amendment to the above bylaw which appears to be “special rules of order”. I am having trouble determining if this is appropriate given how very important a societies bylaws are to the membership as a whole. The amendment would require any voting member wishing to propose an amendment to our bylaws must submit written text of the amendment to the Bylaws Committee for review. Further, the Board of Trustees may also propose and amendment of their own. The committee would review for conflicts with existing bylaws. All proposed amendments prior to submission to our membership, must first be submitted to the Board of Trustees for discussion, refinement and approval before submitting to the membership per the existing requirements above. My question: Is this amendment appropriate in accordance with RONR? I wonder, given the fact that the membership would only be allowed an opportunity to consider and vote for an amendment to our bylaws following the governing body of the society vetting and approving the amendment?
  3. I live in a 55+ co-op in Florida, where we have recently run into a problem for which we have gotten nothing but conflicting opinions 1) Our By-laws state that our board should consist of seven directors, but recently several directors resigned because of political issues. We now have FOUR directors. 2) Our by-laws state " A majority of the whole membership of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any and all business but if at any meeting of the Board there shall be less than a quorum present, the majority of those present may adjourn the meeting." Therefore: - In order to hold a board meeting, do we need a majority of FOUR or a majority of SEVEN? - If four board members are present at a meeting of the board, how many "yes" votes are needed to pass a motion? There's nothing else on this subject in either our documents or the Florida statutes. Thank you for your consideration!
  4. Guest

    disbursement of money

    Our Bylaws state that our President needs Board approval for un-budgeted expenditures over $1000.00. A staff member asked for a large advance and the President acted after discussing his intentions with VPs who were not all in accord, without Board approval and advanced the funds claiming that since staff member had a contract it was already budgeted. He also stated that there was a precedent for this because it has happened several times before, unbeknownst to the Board. The President also claimed it was a timing issue for staff member. My questions are..... can you keep claiming there is a precedent for this if it is a bad precedent and when does the president have a right to act without board approval? We meet once a month. The Board would not have voted for the advance.
  5. we are a non profit VFD which falls under open records not open meetings and we are a nine member board with one vacancy. We have nothing in our bylaws that prohibit getting approval to do things thru email but our bylaws do state that if it is not in the by laws we follow Robers Rules. My question is our board president need to sign our ESD contract so he put out an email asking for approval he received three yes responses by email and one by word of mouth. He says because he had four approvals that he could sign the contract and my response was that because we are a nine member board he needed to have 5 yes votes because we were not at a meeting with a quorom. Two have a meeting we need to have half the board present which with a nine member board is 5. He has already signed the contract with no motion and nothing recorded by the secretary. Is this legal under roberts rules and did he have enough yes votes with the 4 because even though we are a nine member board we only have eight actually holding a post
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