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Found 3 results

  1. I sit on a small non-profit organization's board. Recently we elected new board members and two new officers of the board who take office January 1. Two days after the meeting the elect new people, the current chair called for a special meeting to re-visit the elections. I cannot find anything in Robert's Rules that speaks to this. Can votes be overturned after the fact?
  2. Our nonprofit board bylaws state that past presidents in good standing are members of the Board of Commissioners. That essential allows past presidents to have a life term. Some of the past presidents would like to appear on the election ballot for the upcoming election. Is that permissible? thanks, bb
  3. Our board is elected by membership ballot. We have vacant positions. If a name for the board is written in, what is our next step? Our bylaws do not address this. If a person approaches us with a request to become a board member (non election time), we have them submit an application, we interview and then the board votes to accept or deny appointment to the board.
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