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Found 15 results

  1. We've had some significant dysfunction in our organization recently, which included a secretary who didn't understand what minutes should (and shouldn't) contain. The last several sets of minutes that she prepared were not approved by the board due to inaccuracies and liability concerns. Our new secretary is not sure what to do with these minutes that aren't approved were never fixed (as the previous secretary took any recommended changes really personally). The new secretary wasn't on the board when those minutes were compiled and then rejected by the board. Is it appropriate to pull out
  2. Our non-profit has modified and changed contents around in our rule book. Do we have to read the entire document in front of an open board meeting before we vote on it ??
  3. Improper voting procedures contrary to bylaws and statute allowed the President and Treasurer to remain in their positions for a decade. Bylaws state members elect directors and directors elect officers at 'the first board meeting after the annual membership meeting'. However, the membership has been voting for officers for a decade. The votes held by the developer kept these officers in their positions. A proper election of officers, in accordance with our docs and state statute, was conducted. The long time president was not reelected to her long time position, and she became a member
  4. Our Alumni bylaws states our board must meet the second Wed of every other month. Our next meeting should be on the 12th of this month and our annual dinner is on Sept 22. One member of the exec. board suggested at a non board meeting where the president and I (VP) were present that we cancel this meeting because we have never had a meeting in the same month as the annual dinner. Our president indicated he was somewhat in favor of cancelling it. Does our president have the authority to cancel the meeting without a vote by the full board? Nothing in our bylaws addresses cancellation of meeti
  5. Our group is having a difference of opinion about our bylaws language. Our Chair had not set a date for a required quarterly meeting and with several key issues having short deadlines, several members exercised the following section of the bylaws. "Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President, or must be called by the President at the request of three (3) members of the Board. The Corresponding Secretary must cause notification of all Board members of the Special Board Meeting by email or mail, not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the special meet
  6. We had our regularly scheduled board meeting last week. We had a quorum and we followed our agenda. A board member had an addition and was given the floor. During this time he addressed issues he has with the President/Chair. The president in return began to argue with him. No one stopped this, they finally got to a point they both felt done and the President moved on to the next addition. Before that addition was complete he gave a written resignation and left the building. The Vice President took over as Chair and finished the meeting. We have been told by our national organizat
  7. Hello, it is in our By-Laws that we follow Roberts Rules of Order. The scenarion: our Condo President invites all the condo owners to the Directors Board Meeting. Although the guests do not vote, some "guests" speak out and take as much time and prolong discussion even though they are not Board Members. One guest verbally attacked a Board Member and I feel this is not right. What are the rights and responsibilities of :"guests" at Board Meetings. Thanks for your help.
  8. I am a member of a Fraternal Organization incorporated in the State of Washington. My question for today concerns the minutes of meetings, specifically minutes of our Board of Trustees (regular and/or executive session). According to RONR 11 (p460, 6-7) “Records of the Secretary”, are specified to include reports from boards or committees; (p460, 13-17) “any member has a right to examine records including minutes of an executive session” however (p460, 17-20) states “same principle applies to records kept by boards and committees, these being accessible to members of the boards or committee
  9. Can any member request a board meeting prior to our regular monthly meeting? And if the President states at one point the board agrees to meet with different expectations than you requested, then turns around in her next response to state "we don't want the change" (meaning the board members-without asking the board) and denies the meeting, is there a discipline issue as a President?
  10. Our HOA Board of Directors meet for a regular BOD meeting once a month. There is a Membership Meeting once at year. During a Board Meeting must every member, general membership - non voting, be allowed to speak on every topic? Meetings go on for 3-4 hours and often the Board itself is not able to get to all the topics they need to. Our prior attorney stated that Points of Order can only be brought up by the BOD members at a Board meeting and this has improved the situation somewhat. She also said that the Chair may open the floor to the general membership for comments and then restrict the dis
  11. An agenda item (Approval of Board Agenda) was briefly discussed during the board meeting. The Chair asked if there were any abstentions. The Board replied no. No motion or vote was entertained to approve the baord agenda. Should the minutes be noted to reflect the oversight and have it address at the next Board meeting?
  12. Hello, i understood from other forum links (I tried to find the forum), that there is three ways to have "valid" regular board meetings are a ) specified in bylaws b ) calling board meeting procedure specified in bylaws c ) by resolution(s) which could be recorded in the minutes, fixing next board meeting or next several board meetings. is my understanding on validation of calling a board meeting correct? R ps this is spawn from strange motion/compound motion thread.
  13. I am the Council on Finance Chair and I can't attend the upcoming Board of Directors meeting. At the Council meeting we will be discussing a topic, I feel, is important information to the Board. My Vice Chair (Council on Finance, Vice Chair) is very knowledgeable of the information and I would like for her to attend the Board meeting in my absence to answer any questions that may come up. I realize the Vice Chair can not vote but can she attend the Board meeting in my place? And where does it state this in the "Robert's Rules of Order" 11th edition?
  14. During a regular meeting a question and answer session is on the agenda. What types of questions can the public ask at that point? Do they have to relate to something on the meeting's agenda or can they be about other specific issues dealt with at a previous meeting?
  15. I recently attended a local school board meeting. It is a public meeting. The meeting was called to order and all went fine. When it was time for executive session they 7 board members had the 50+ members of the public removed from the board room to the hallway while they ate pizza and spend over an hour in executive session. Once the session was complete patrons were allowed to come back in. My question is that if the meeting is called or order..and it is an open meeting, can they close the meeting and make the people leave the room or should they have to leave? Thanks,
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