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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Who can cancel meeting

    Our Alumni bylaws states our board must meet the second Wed of every other month. Our next meeting should be on the 12th of this month and our annual dinner is on Sept 22. One member of the exec. board suggested at a non board meeting where the president and I (VP) were present that we cancel this meeting because we have never had a meeting in the same month as the annual dinner. Our president indicated he was somewhat in favor of cancelling it. Does our president have the authority to cancel the meeting without a vote by the full board? Nothing in our bylaws addresses cancellation of meetings. I might add we are in the process of selecting a new Director and have two new faculty members. One, the VP of External Relations, will be directly over our new Alumni director and was in the meetinng. We will be working closely with the other one on fundraising. The VP has said she was looking forward to coming to this meeting to meet the board and introducing the other faculty member.
  2. During a regular meeting a question and answer session is on the agenda. What types of questions can the public ask at that point? Do they have to relate to something on the meeting's agenda or can they be about other specific issues dealt with at a previous meeting?
  3. I recently attended a local school board meeting. It is a public meeting. The meeting was called to order and all went fine. When it was time for executive session they 7 board members had the 50+ members of the public removed from the board room to the hallway while they ate pizza and spend over an hour in executive session. Once the session was complete patrons were allowed to come back in. My question is that if the meeting is called or order..and it is an open meeting, can they close the meeting and make the people leave the room or should they have to leave? Thanks,
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