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Found 7 results

  1. During our monthly board meetings, we have reports given by various people and groups regarding activities they have accomplished, etc (not referring to secretary/treasurer type reports). Do these reports need to be approved, or are they simply part of the record as an account of what transpired throughout the month? If the time spent is accurate, can the board vote to not accept the report? Under what circumstances might that be feasible? Thanks in advance!
  2. What are the rights of at large members of an organization at board of directors meetings?
  3. If in some hypothetical organization's bylaws, a Board meeting can be called by the President or by majority vote of the Board, then wouldn't that mean that the Board could only call a meeting at an actual meeting (since there would be no other place they could technically vote)? Louise
  4. We have a meeting today but are missing board members. Our vp and secretary have resigned and our president is not present today. Can we still have a meeting if we have a quorum? Who would run the meeting? Our county commissioner or our treasurer?
  5. Hello! I'm curious how the open meeting laws (of New York State) work when applied to meetings of the Executive board of an organization and the President's cabinet meetings. I'll explain each further below. Executive board meetings are meetings of the President, VP, Comptroller, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Assembly, Chair of Elections, and the organization's advisor. These individuals meet on a weekly basis. Presidential Cabinet meetings are meetings in which the advisors to various departments meet weekly with the President of the Association to update him on their progress. Lately the
  6. Are general board meetings open to all organization members to attend? This refers to a non-profit organization. If so, can the member add input to the discussion when they want to contribute?
  7. Who shall conduct a meeting when both the Chair and Vice Chair are absent? Also, who should execute the resolutions adopted at the meeting?
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