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Found 14 results

  1. We are a small non-profit seeking to expand our Board of Directors. We request new BOD members work on committee for several months before nomination and election to BOD. Recently the nominating committee submitted a candidate for election who had worked on several committee projects over several months without incident. The candidate was elected to the BOD, in early May 2021. On the day of the next scheduled BOD meeting, which would be the first for this newly elected BOD member to attend, the individual became irate about a project of the organization. The individual approached employee
  2. Between board meetings, we have had 3 members of our board resign due to conflicts on the board. As a nonprofit, what is the process that needs to be done if they have submitted their resignations via email and will not be at the next meeting? A few are asking to see the emails. I am under the impression that we just need to make the resignations noted on the minutes and the board acknowledge them. We do not have anything in our bylaws on how to handle this situation. Thank you for your prompt assistance.
  3. This is a question regarding the membership and board of a nonprofit corporation. We have a board of 14, including 4 officers who serve 2 year terms, 9 board members who serve 3 year terms in a 3-year rotation, and an immediate past president. According to our bylaws the general membership elects the officers and board members and RONR is our parliamentary authority. We currently have several members on the board that have something of a disdain for parliamentary procedure and refuses to recognize or comply with the fiduciaries. When breaches of either are pointed out, other board members chim
  4. Section 10. REMOVAL. The Board of Directors shall, by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Board of Directors, have the authority to remove any Member or Board Member whose actions have been deemed to be detrimental to the organization or any of its functions. There are 7 board members. There was a vote to remove a board member, named "Tom". Everyone voted except for "Tom". The results of the vote were 4 YES (for removal) and 2 NO (not including Tom's vote). PERSON 1- YES PERSON 2 - YES PERSON 3, PREZ - YES PERSON 4 - NO PERSON 5 - NO PERSON 6 - YES PERS
  5. Can the chairman of the board of a non-profit organization also be the president? Also, do they have voting privileges?
  6. Guest

    Board member resigns

    Bylaws state that the immediate past/former Director will be on the BOD. 1. Can this person resign from the BOD? 2. If this person can and does resign from the BOD, is she/he then replaced by the Director who served immediately prior to him/her? Or is the position left unfilled?
  7. we had a board member quit after 1 year of her two year term. We seated a group of 6 at the last annual meeting (5 rotate off each year)...so 5 new to serve two years and 1 to finish out the spot created by resignation. The problem is we didn't determine who was filling the one year spot. No one wants to serve one year, how do we now determine who is serving the short term.
  8. National organization "A" with a constitution. Subordinate local "B" of the national organization with bylaws subordinate to A's constitution. Subordinate chapter "C" of the local organization with bylaws subordinate to B's bylaws. All members of C are members of B, not all members of B are members of C. Both A's constitution and B's bylaws provide for a member of C to be elected by C's members to sit on the executive board of B (with voice and vote). Until recently, C elected it's own executive board (chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, Sgt@arms) and a seperate member-at-large (the
  9. In our club we allow for membership as an individual or an Entity. In this case an entity is usually a husband and wife. It could also be a business. The ByLaws say that an individual and entity only has "one Vote." In the past this was interpreted as there being a voting member and non-voting member of a husband and wife entity. Also, it was understood that only the voting member was eligible to run for office. We currently have a sitting board member (voting member - Past President) who's wife wants to run for office. Is she eligible to do that without getting her own membership give
  10. Hello, our association will be electing a new board soon. Our by laws state that a nomination committee must be formed by June 1st and shall submit a slate of candidates for the positions of officers and directors by July 1st . No members of the current board can be on the nomination committee. No member of the nomination committee can be on the nominated on the slate of candidates submitted by the nomination committee but can be nominated by petition after the slate of candidates have been submitted by the nomination committee to the club secretary.. The nomination commit
  11. If a board member resigns, and the quorum for that board is "a majority of members", then for a board of 12, the quorum required would be reduced from 7 (a majority of 12 members) to 6 (a majority of 11 members). When, though, does this take effect? We had 7 members present at our last board meeting. During that meeting, we voted to accept a board member's resignation (he was not present). Then a board member wanted to leave, which would have left us with 6 members. Would we have had a quorum with 6 members, or would that new quorum requirement not have taken effect until the next meetin
  12. We are a charitable organization (503c). one of our board member rents a room in our building. he hasn't paid his rent for the past 2 months. can we remove him from the board on that basis ? we have nothing written in the by-laws or in the handbook in that regard
  13. The Secretary of my Hoa will be out of town is it right/legal for him to have the President step in for him at the annual elections for which all three of their seats will be voted on for new directors ( none of them Pres,VP and Sec are running due to the damage they've done in the hoa they are tring to control the votes though to get their friends in )or should one of the other two directors at large who hold no official position be selected to vote the proxy's left for the secretary to use as he sees fit. Also can the daughter of a homeowner serve as a board member although she does own prop
  14. Guest

    Past President

    Our 2011-2012 President was reelected to serve as President for 2012-2013. Does the Past President who served last year remain on the Board to again serve as Past President. The Constitution lists the Past President as a Board member.
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