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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am the current Secretary of the Board of Directors for a 501(c)3 organization. Our Vice President recently passed and we have now elected a replacement member. The next step is to fill the vacant Vice President position. I want to run for this position but already hold an officer position. Can I run for Vice President and then if I win then my Secretary position would automatically become open? There is nothing in our bylaws that convers election of officers. That is decided amongst the members.
  2. Can the BoD modify then, approve a policy change sent to them by a committee or must it be sent back down to the committee for modification? Thanks in advance, Patrick
  3. Guest

    Proper Jurisdiction

    We recently had a Trial Board (Review Board) case against one of members for Conduct unbecoming of a Member. Under our Rules and Regulations it states "Board of Directors Review. The Board of Directors may review all cases decided by Trial Board. Either party may make a request for such review to the case or by the Board itself. This request must be filed within 45 days." In a bullet point just below it also states: "The Board of Directors may impose a suspension in any case over which it has proper jurisdiction." Would the Board of Directors Review constitute that they now have jurisdiction over the case? Any help would be great
  4. We are a small club up till 2 months ago we had 7 Directors, one resigned for illness reason. So we currently have 6, 4 are needed for a quorum, 3 of the 6 hate the President and are now not coming to meetings. They have missed 4 consecutive meetings and our by-laws give all the power to the board, our general membership really has no power. A vast majority of our members are frustrated and we want to take action to remove the 3 board members so that we can move on and get back to work, we have an event that will be taking place in just over 6 months. What are our options?
  5. Can a married couple serve as President & Fire Chief of a volunteer fire department? Would this pose some sort of conflict of interest and is there anything to warrant against it?
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