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  1. Our 9-member Board is currently on a rotation where each Director is in office for three years, and thus three seats are up for election each year. A month ago elections were held to fill the three vacancies that will be effective January 2020. The Bylaws Committee just began meeting and is going to propose to change the number of Directors from 9 to 7. If the proposal is approved, what is the proper protocol to implement the reduced Board size? Do we have to wait a full year until three vacancies result from our existing policy? Do we ask the nine Directors if two of them are willing to step down in January (we may be able to find two agreeable persons)? If we want to implement the reduced Board size in January and have no volunteers to step down, does the Board or the President decide who must step down? Is the decision based on seniority? Do we vote by secret ballot? Our Bylaws require any proposed changes be approved by a majority of the Board and presented to the General membership for ratification. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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