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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Voting questions

    We have had a an assocation since 1955. Right now our by-laws written in the 90's are out dated. We have 18 people on the board of directors. Our by-laws say 6-9 people. We are in process of updating. We made a petetion to fight the density of a development that will butt up to our neighborhood. We had a vote of yes to do petition with 1 no. Can we still run the petiton legally with this vote? Also the board was asked to vote to spend funds to pay for attorney to give us strategy, that vote was all yes with 1 no. There are about 100 memebrs. Do we need to get a member vote as well to legally spend (small amount) of funds? Help please need advise to proceed legally. JB
  2. Our nonprofit board's new chair asked that an executive session be added as a standing item to all board agendas and, further, that the board "automatically" adjourn into executive session at the conclusion of each meeting "in case the board has anything it wants to discuss privately." Does RONR or any authoritative source stipulate a board's consideration of an executive session, e.g., adoption of a main motion (with or without stating the proposed executive session topic), etc.? Or does a nonprofit board self-govern in this respect, absent any guidance from the organization's bylaws?
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