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Found 3 results

  1. Can someone serve on more than one board within an organization at the same time? (We are a non-profit with multiple boards.)
  2. How far can a board go with it's own special rules of order? By 49:15 boards may adopt its own special rules of order, but they are also bound by the society's parliamentary authority. (RONR) How much room does this leaves for boards to adopt their own special rules of order? For example: RONR forbids straw polls - can a board allow them? RONR forbids cumulative voting - can a board allow them? RONR fixes the 0rder of business - may the board adopt an other one? (Give another example here yourself) I am not saying these are good ideas, but how far can a board go?
  3. In our organization, the bylaws don't mention committees at all. We simply meet yearly to elect the Executive Board. Can the Executive Board establish standing committees and boards—with standing authority to act on certain matters without specific instructions—that report to it? It is my understanding that such standing committees and boards would need to be in the Executive Board's special rules of order, per page 578.
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