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Found 3 results

  1. We just changed Officers for our Booster Club. The Booster Club is currently not a non-profit. We want it to be. Does this election need to be a member vote? Or is the decision to gain non-profit status made by the Officers?
  2. Our sports booster club recently put a vote on the floor regarding scholarship(s) that graduating Seniors can apply for. The motion to eliminate the scholarship was presented and the votes cast were announced as 9 in favor of eliminating the scholarship, 4 against eliminating it (quorum is 7). It was announced at the meeting that the scholarships would be discontinued and the meeting was adjourned. The next day, the b/c President sent an e-mail that she wanted to change her vote to an abstention and wanted it recorded in the minutes. Conversation ensued and the VP looked up eligible voting members and it was determined that 1 of the votes in favor of elimination was cast by someone who was not a paying b/c member so her vote was "eliminated." My interpretation of RONR is the the President cannot change her vote at this point. The non-paying member's vote can be struck since it is written in our bylaws that you need to be a paying member in order to vote. At this point, the vote would appear to be 7-4, however, one of the votes was cast by the head coach who wants to eliminate the scholarships. Here's where we need guidance. The bylaws do not list the Coach as a member of the executive board nor is he a paying member of the association, however, the most current copy of our bylaws are signed by a coach and the recording secretary which, to me, implies he would have a voice in voting for or against items like this that impact the athletes whether he pays or not. Along with my question of vote "admissibility," it is unclear to me whether this would fall under the majority vote or 2/3 vote rule? That stipulation is not addressed in the bylaws, however, following the RONR is referenced. A couple items that may or may not influence your response: 1. The school's admin makes it clear to coaches that they are in charge of their b/c and have final say on all issues. They are even given the authority to dissolve it, if desired. (Doesn't that assertion by the school trump the bylaws??) 2. There is no mention of a standing "scholarship committee" in the bylaws so I am assuming this is a special committee even though it has been in place for several years. It is appointed by the president with 2 team parents forming the committee (along with 2-3 others who do not belong to the organization) who form a "selection panel" to interview and rate the athletes in order to award different monetary amounts to them. Thank you, in advance, for your insight.
  3. Guest

    Nomination problems!

    Election for new officers was to be held at the April meeting. At that time only 2 out of 5 positions were interested in re-nomination. So the voting was held off until the May meeting when one new nominee came forward. Several days before our June meeting a e-mail went out from the Executive Board stating that if we do not have enough officers that the Booster Club will have to disband. The next day our director put out a e-mail with 2 more name up for nomination.The by-laws state that you may submit your name for a postion you wish to fill to the current Executive Board prior to the April meeting. Question is: Can the director (ex-officio member / not a Executive Board member) put names on the ballot with out going though the board?( which is stacking the deck or yes-men)
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