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Found 1 result

  1. We had two members (of a 9 member volunteer resident council) expedite the adoption of major revisions/amendments to our by-laws before some of the Council members fully understood the implications. At a regularly scheduled Council meeting, a majority of the Council approved posting the revisions for comment. After the two-week posting period, the Chair called a special meeting to ratify/approve the by-laws. At the special meeting there were 6 council members present (3 absent) and the vote was 4 yes for ratification and 2 abstain. Because the yes vote was a majority of those present, it was assumed the by-laws were ratified. However, we now realize that both the original and the revised by-laws say, in addition to the posting requirement, that "These By-laws can be amended by a simple majority vote of the Council members." How is that to be interpreted? Is it just a majority of those present, or literally that 5 out of 9 Council members would need to approve the vote? Did the vote for ratification actually fail as there were not 5 approving? In a related question, if the vote for ratification is valid, we would like to take subsequent action to rescind this if the majority of the Council approves. Would it be legitimate at the next Council meeting to propose a motion to revoke the ratification? What options do we have? Thanks!
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